Oman to build its first medical city for $1.4bln

Oman to build its first medical city for $1.4bln

Oman’s Ministry of Health has announced that the sultanate will develop its first medical city for an investment of OMR479 million in the Barka region in northern Oman.

Spanning over an area of 5 million square meters, Oman’s ambitious healthcare project, the Medical City is being built in four phases, the first two phases will focus on commercial operations, private medical facilities, and residential projects, the other phases will be allocated for government use.

This project is another initiative under the country’s Tanfeedh program for economic expansion, which aims to wean the sultanate away from primarily oil-and-gas-based sources of income.

According to Oman’s Undersecretary of Health Ali Al Hinai, the medical city is not a reform in the health sector, but rather a quantum leap. He expects the medical city to provide a way to raise the sultanate’s quality of medical systems. He also believes the project will garner revenue of OMR 7.776m per year from the hospital beds alone.

Al Hinai said: “The medical city, which will be built in Al Fulaij – which is near almost half the people living in Oman, will cater to a large number of people with 1,249 hospital beds in its government hospital facilities, adding to the beds in the private hospitals in the area, as well as facilities for the Oman College for Medical Sciences, and finally, provide medical access to commercial areas.”