Omani housing minister signs 12 real estate agreements

Oman Oman Housing ministry

The Omani housing minister, Seef Bin Mohamed Al Shaiby, has signed 12 agreements at a value of 11 million OAR to develop real estate projects in different regions around Oman Sultanate.

The agreements include building 176 residential units in Al Dakhlya and South Sharkiya governorates worth 8 million OAR. In addition to another project of 17 residential units in Seeh Al Ershan in Jalan Bani Bu Ali Province.

The other agreed projects include a project of constructing 41 residential units in Bahlaa Province, Dakhliya governorate at a value of 2 million and 44 thousand OAR. In addition to another project in the same province to build 8 units in Maseeh region worth 263 thousand OAR.

The minister signed also a 20-unit project in Muharram Valley and 15-unit project in Samora region in Samail Province, Dakhliya Governorate worth million and 986 thousand OAR.