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Photos of the new Sunna Path project in the heart of Medina

Saudi Arabia - July 8, 2015
Medina Haram Expansion

The Medina Haram expansion project carried out under the patronage of the Custodian of the two great mosques aims facilitating traffic in Medina.

Works on developing the eastern part of the prophet’s mosque started one year ago, the project is stretched on 100 thousand square meters while 40% of the project’s structure has been accomplished.

The Haram expansion is affiliated to another development projects like Qebaa mosque expansion and Sunna Path projects.


The Sunna Path links south the Haram with the northern courtyard of Qebaa covering a distance of 3 kilometers. Sunna Path project includes many religious and historic landmarks resembling the city’s cultural heritage, it includes also many hotels and hospitality apartments made to occupy Medina visitors.



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