Photos of the Siemens new Riyadh Metro train cars

Saudi Arabia Riyadh Metro

Engineer Waled Al Akrash, chairman of Riaydh Metro project, has announced the completion of 21% of the project with tunneling length up to 1600 meters until the moment.

Riyadh Metro project consists of underground tunnels at a length of 70 kilometers composing 4% of the total metro lines length. Overground lines cover 10% of the total length, while bridges and joints cover around 50% of the total lines length. The project includes 85 stations split into 50 underground stations and 31 overground stations.

Riyadh Metro cars Metro cars

The project capacity on launching is predicted to be 1.11 million passengers, and expected to reach 3.6 million passengers later on.

Trains cars manufacture for the red and blue lines have already started in Siemens plant. The cars feature contemporary and attractive inner and outer designs.

Saudi Arabia train Riyadh Metro

Riyadh Metro cars

The cars include also a set of facilities and services specially made for passengers’ convenience including display screens, safety systems, and seats, special seats were made also for elders and handicapped.

KSA transportation Riyadh metro design

Photos courtesy of Riyadh Transport account on Twitter