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Properties deals value encountered a historic hike during 2014

Bahrain - January 12, 2015
Bahrain Real Estate

Sheikh Salman Bin Abdullah, the head of Survey and Land Registration Bureau, has uncovered the value of real estate deals which took place last year in Bahrain, saying that it reached an unprecedented value in the history of Bahrain.

Sheikh Salman said that properties deals value from January until the end of December 2014 has hiked to reach a billion and two hundred million Dinar (exactly 1,292,461,903) which rises by 50% compared with 2013.

Sheikh Salman has returned these results to the national economic reformation plan adopted by Bahrain with directions of his highness king Hamad Bin Eissa AlKhalifa, and executed by Bahraini cabinet led by Price Khalifa Bin Salman AlKhalifa.

These results reflect the stable economic atmosphere in Bahrain, and investors trust in Bahraini properties market due to its high profitability. It’s worth mentioning that Khalijis deals in Bahrain has rised by 102%, while foreigners deals rose by 20% compared with 2013. These numbers could foretell that the current real estate fervor in Bahrain could last for the next year as well, if not for more coming years.

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