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Property trader is the largest property database portal in Dubai

UAE - August 31, 2015
Property Trader Dubai

Propertytrader.ae, largest property database portal, includes more than 30 real estate listings in the entire Arab Emirates where it provides many verities of residential or commercial properties which are available for purchase or rent.

It also provides detailed list of properties available with high-quality images as well as details about the area surrounding the property such as the street form, public utilities, metro and bus services and all that to provide the buyer with all the details that he needs from the comfort of his house.

The portal has been designed in a way to make the purchasing process easy on the buyers, where they can contact all the agents directly, also it has been supplied with a calculator to calculate mortgage with equal monthly installments and predict what will be spent on the loan, in addition to a prices index which represent the minimum and maximum prices for the area that the buyer wants to purchase in.

The site also includes “developed projects” section, which contains real estate maps for famous developers to enables buyers to search for any property they want in all parts of Dubai.


Source: alriyadh.com

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