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QCC launches mobile testing lab to work for the first time in UAE

UAE - October 2, 2015
mobile testing lab

The Central Testing Lab affiliated to Abu Dhabi  Quality and Conformity Council (QCC) has launched a mobile testing lab which targets bolstering the material testing capabilities and support the construction and infrastructure sectors in Abu Dhabi.

The lab comprises from two units. Concrete and cement testing unit, and the other unit specialized in asphalt, steel, and metal testing.

The mobile testing lab is considered the first of its kind in UAE. It aims during the first operational phase to cater to municipal and government projects in Al Ain and Western Region in order to support the government’s vision in offering professional testing services compatible with international standards.

The lab is equipped with extraordinary equipment compatible with all safety measures. The facility insured the materials durability and endurance during performing under pressure, humidity and extreme temperature. The lab uses heavy truck to work in rural and off-road environments.


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