Raiden company expects rising of Bahraini real estate revenues to one billion dollars by 2020

Bahrain ارتفاع عائدات القطاع العقاري البحريني

The last report of Raiden company, the company specialized in real estate business analysis, explains demand growth in Bahraini real estate sector amid expansions of construction and tourism industry in the kingdom of Bahrain, Which give the huge real estate projects developers in Bahrain strong morale boost to intensify efforts in the construction sector.

The report said that the construction sector has an increase of 4.5% and a rise in tourists number by 11.6 million tourists in 2015, in addition to demand growth in residential and commercial real estate sector, which indicates the big role played by Bahrain in consolidate the reputation of the gulf as a safe destination for investors from around the world.

Maher El-Shaer “the CEO of Diyar Al-Muharraq company,” said that the real estate sector is still the safe investment choice in the gulf region, he added that the region still keeps its position as an attractive investment haven, especially for international investors. In addition, the region witnesses a huge demographically expanding and a rise in life quality which makes it attractive to those foreigners who seeking for better job opportunities.

According to Raiden company, the Bahraini tourism sector witnesses a growth by 11% in 2015, and it expects a continued growth in the same period in 2016 with revenue rising to one billion American dollars by 2020.

Gagan Suri “the CEO of Bahrain bay project” expressed her strong hopes in Bahraini real estate flourish and expects a positive impetus in the construction sector, which will give a clear change to Manama city.