Real estate deals yesterday in Dubai reach 544 million Durham

UAE Dubai Marina

Real estate deals value in Dubai yesterday reached 544 million Durham including 270 million for lands, villas, and apartments sale, and 274 million for mortgages.

This figure reflects a remarkable decrease in real estate deals in Dubai as real estate deals value used to reach around billion Durham per day. Dubai Lands and Properties Department mentioned in its report that it has registered around 163 properties deals including 103 lands deals worth 169 million Durham, 60 villas and apartments deals worth 101 million Durham.

The highest land deal value was in Ras El Khour area worth 13 million Durham, another deal in Al Barsha came second in respect of value with 12 million Durham.

The highest villa deal was in Dubai Marina with value worth 10 million Durham, 9-million deal came second in Al Thaneya district.

The state witnessed also 22 land mortgages worth 75 million Durham and 51 villas and apartments mortgages worth 199 million Durham.