Real estate experts: Bahrain properties return the highest in GCC

Bahrain Bahrain real estate

On the sideline of Gulf Properties Show which ends today in Bahrain, a number of Bahrain properties experts and developers said that the return rate provided by local properties, especially residential units, is the highest in the GCC.

Some mentioned that rental return in Bahrain varies between 8 and 10%, while the annual yield achieved by investors from resale varies between 10 and 15%.

Aref Hagas the chairman of Bahrain Real Estate Development Organization said in a statement to “Al-Ayam” daily that Bahrain properties market offers fair and reasonable prices and revenues. He said also that it’s totally secure from any real estate bubbles which bolsters investors’ trust and confidence.

Hagras added saying that the market witnesses a diversity in property supply varying between residential, commercial, industrial, and investment sectors.

In the same context, Naser Al Ahli mentioned that the market is witnessing total real estate transactions value exceeding one billion dinars which assures that the market is still safe.

He added that the occurrence of major real estate projects in the exhibition this year indicates the market’s strength and refers to investors’ trust despite economic fluctuations and oil price drop.

From his side, the general manager of Granada Properties Group “Hassan Mushaime” said that Bahrain market is the least vulnerable to economic challenges in GCC. He assured also that Bahrain property offers high investment returns exceeding 8%.