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Real estate loans value in 2014 rise by 34% in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia - March 16, 2015
Saudi properties

Argaam economic website has published the quarter report of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency about the real estate loans rate granted by the commercial banks as loans rate rose by 34% to reach 94.2 billion SAR in 2013.

Real estate loans rate granted to companies and individuals during 2014 valued around 148.9 billion SAR according to the report published by 2014.

Consumer debts value rose by 9% during 2014 to reach 313.1 billion SAR. Consumer debts includes house restoration and development loans, car loans, devices loans, in addition to other types of loans.

Credit card loans value rose as well by the end of 2014 by 14% to reach 9.67 billion SAR compared with 8.51 billion SAR in 2013.


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