Rental prices in Abu Dhabi rose by 10%

UAE Rental prices in Abu Dhabi

Residential units’ rental prices in Abu Dhabi rose by 10% since the start of the year until the end of August according to many experts.

Real estate experts in Abu Dhabi assured also the decline of rents’ rise rate compared to last year when rents rose by 15% during the first half only.

Asteco, real estate services company, showed that rental prices in high-end apartments rose by 4% on contracts renewal, while average apartments’ rents rose by 6% during the second quarter. The company revealed also that new renting contracts prices rose by 8% when compared with the first quarter.

As for regions, the company referred to remarkable hikes in rental values in certain areas like Eastern Crimea and Saint Riggs Residences where rents rose by 12 and 10% respectively. However, prices stayed put to the first quarter values in other areas like Corniche.