Ritz-Carlton Riyadh’s GM set challenges for the hotel industry

Saudi Arabia

In late 2017, the Ritz-Carlton in Riyadh turns to be one of the famous hotels in the kingdom when it was used to receive people concerned with a high-profile anti-corruption investigation.

But ever since, It has been used as business needs by taking care of the presidents, heads of states, the occasional honeymoon couples or tourists families wanting rest and relaxation in the kingdom’s capital.

The General manager stated that Ritz-Carlton is one of the major focuses of government events in the capital. The events include GCC summits and the Future Investment Initiatives (FII), and a lot of Hollywood celebrities.

While the most luxurious and representable for the presidential suite, The Ritz-Carlton has 49 “royal suites,” designed for the head-of-state specifications, 48 executive suites with five-star institutions, and 396 deluxe rooms.

A dynamic rate system is used in most hotels, like airlines, to provide supply, a guest might get a deluxe room at the weekend for a bargain SR1,000 per night, but a royal suite costs between SR15,000 and SR45,000.

Also, it has the biggest all-day dining restaurants, the Al-Orjouan, that seat 450 guests at a time, as well as fine restaurants of European, Asian and Arabic cuisine with an elegant swimming pool and spa complex familiar to families at weekends.