Saadiyat promenade described as the best architectural design for multi-use project

UAE saadiyat

Saadiyat promenade project described as the best architectural design for the multi-use project from the international real estate organization in Africa and Arabic region. Also, it will qualify the international real estate prizes competition which will be held on 2017.

The promenade considered as the first residential project in the cultural region in the island which will include the most prominent group of cultural landmarks like Zayed national museum, Gognhayem museum in Abu Dhabi, lovar museum in Abu Dhabi.

The project also considered as one of the development and tourism investment company projects which responsible for developing the most prominent projects in Abu Dhabi. This company signs a contract with r t k l company to design Saadiyat promenade, taking in mind the compatible with the beauty of the location which has an attractive sea view.

The project consists of 2 phases, the first phase includes 461 residential units which contain one bedroom apartments, 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms, and 4 bedrooms apartments. Besides loft houses, townhouses in addition to retail shops which sprawl on an area of 11 thousand sqm.m, palatial global restaurants and beautiful promenade which have a marvelous view of the sea.

The second phase is the development of hotels and commercial center which has a marvelous view of the sea and a promenade which sprawls o an area of 0.4 kilometers provides rental spaces dedicated to restaurants and retails.