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Saudi Arabia sign deal to support afforestation in Jazan

Saudi Arabia - February 27, 2020

12 housing plans with 16,751 plots, as well as 6,431 complete and under-construction units in Jazan is covered by the agreement that is signed by the director of the ministry of housing.

Hassan bin Salem Al-Suhaimi, The director-general of the ministry of housing, and Eng Mohammed bin Ali Al-Atif, director-general of the ministry of environment, water and agriculture in Saudi Arabia’s Jazan region have signed a corporation agreement for the hosing projects cultivation under the guidance of the governor of the region, HRH Prince Muhammad bin Nasser bin Abdulaziz. 

The ministry of housing projects approves the agreement that includes the cultivation of  300,000 seedlings until 2030. These seedlings will be placed between cities, villages and deserted areas in the region upon an Arabic statement released by the state-run Saudi Press Agency. 

Jazan’s agreement covers 12 housing plans, contains 16,751 plots, as well as 6,431 complete and under-construction units since HRH Prince Muhammad before handed over in Sakani programs a number of housing units. 

Saudi Arabia aims to support afforestation to preserve nature which is one of the Kingdom’s goals in 2030. Jazan is the key to natural grassland achievements since the agreement is expected to meet its proper objectives. The main focus is a great support of the environment by reducing pollution and enhancing air quality.

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