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Saudi Arabia Launches Water Projects at a Cost of $825m

- August 19, 2019


Coinciding with the Hajj season, media reports stated that Saudi Arabia has launched a number of water projects worth over $825 million in Makkah and other holy sites.

The water development projects include setting up a pipeline to carry desalinated water from Al Shuaibah to Makkah and holy sites at a total cost that exceeds $233.2 million, as reported by Emirates news agency (Wam), citing the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

Moreover, in this pipeline is the second phase of Al-Shuaibah Desalination Plant, with a cost of more than $313.2 million and a capacity of 250,000 cubic meters per day.

Water services projects including water networks, connections to homes, strategic reservoirs and sanitary drainage networks will be among the other projects at a cost of over $159.9 million, to be in several districts of Makkah and the holy sites.

The Desalination Unit Project in Al-Shuaibah, which functions according to the Multi Effect Evaporator System, will also be constructed at a total cost of $123.9 million.

The reports said that the Saudi government is looking forward to reducing its dependency on oil and cultivate new revenue streams by enhancing existing elements of the Kingdom’s business landscape. That’s all in the government’s efforts to accelerate economic diversification plans and develop new capabilities.

Saudi Arabia’s focus is to increase the non-oil economy’s contribution to gross domestic product through the cultivation of a local manufacturing industry and through attracting foreign investment.

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