Saudi Crown Prince ordered to release the program of restoring heritage buildings in Riyadh

Saudi Arabia

Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense has ordered the restoring heritage buildings the urban of architectural and historical importance in the capital, Riyadh.
According to a report issued by the Saudi news agency, a total of 15 heritage palaces and five royal palaces will be covered in the first stage of the project. The report said that emphasis would be placed on the preparation of studies, designs, site management, and temporary building reinforcement. The second phase will include the implementation of the comprehensive building restoration project within 24 months starting from January 2021, she added.

The project is run by the Ministry of Culture, represented in the Heritage Authority in partnership with the Royal Authority of Riyadh City and the Riyadh Secretariat.

Prince Badr Bin Abdullah Bin Farhan, Minister of Culture and Chairman of Heritage Board, said that the restoration operations will take into consideration the international standards in terms of restoring and preserving heritage buildings.

The project aims to preserve buildings of architectural and historical interest, to highlight local identity, and to transform these buildings into an economic, social, cultural, and tourist resource. It also aims to increase the efficiency of its use with neighboring areas.