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Saudi Housing Ministry announces the number of housing support eligible applicants

Saudi Arabia - December 28, 2014
شويش بن سعود الضويحى

The Housing Ministry in KSA has finally announced the number of eligible applicants for housing support which reached 754 thousand applicants beneficiaries between 960.4 thousands applicants.

The number of beneficiaries in Mecca alone reached 195.7 thousands, which is considered the highest number between all Saudi Arabian regions, the number in Riyadh reached 153.9 thousands beneficiaries. The lowest number was in the Northern border region with 5748 beneficiaries.

The ministry assured that selection process took place in total transparency and objectivity, the ministry made it easy for the applicants to file an objection against the selection procedure as it was accessible through a link on the ministry’s official website.

The ministry announced last August the primary number of beneficiaries which was 621 thousand between 960 thousands applicants.


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