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Saudi Oger sets a recovery plan to resume its commitments

Saudi Arabia - March 8, 2016
Saudi Oger

A prominent executive at Saudi Oger mentioned that the company has adopted a recovery plan to resume its payments to its employees in the nearest chance.

Saudi Oger, like many other companies in the Saudi Kingdom, has been impacted by the tight economic situation in the Kingdom.

The company hasn’t been able to fulfill its commitments to its employees as many projects have been stalled.

Foreign officials and diplomats from many countries around the world including France, Bangladesh, and Philippines have casted some pressure on the Saudi Labor Ministry in order to find a solution for the problem.

The Labor Ministry has suspended a number of the services offered to the company including the social security services and the services provided by the Directorate General of Passports.

However, the company has started paying some of its commitments to its employees following the committee meeting in Riyadh.

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