Sheikh Jaber Bridge has been inaugurated in Kuwait

Kuwait Sheikh Jaber Bridge

Kuwait opened the Sheikh Jaber Bridge, which is 36 kilometres long and cost about 904 million Kuwaiti Dinar, linking Kuwait City with the new Subbiya area to the northwest.

Kuwait has launched a 36-kilometre-long bridge over the sea, one of the longest in the world, to link the capital to its remote north, where the government plans to pump billions of dollars in hopes of reviving the historic Silk Road spirit.

The sea bridge is supposed to reduce the driving time between Kuwait City and the Subbiya area from 90 minutes now to less than 30 minutes.

The bridge is a key element in the plan to establish and develop the free economic zone in northern Kuwait, which is supposed to be built on five Kuwaiti islands near the shores of Iraq and Iran.

The bridge project includes the main branch connecting Kuwait City and Subbiya, and another branch to the west known as Doha Link. The two bridges start from the port of Shuwaikh, the main port in the country.