Shura Council to resolve the undeveloped lands fine case

Saudi Arabia undeveloped lands fine

Saudis are currently waiting for the Shura Council to issue the final resolution concerning the application of the undeveloped lands fines which consumed a lot of people’s and state’s concern in the past few years.

The council members had different perspectives pertaining the vitality of applying the fine on the developed lands located in the first phase.

Some believed in applying the fines on two phases to put an end to the rising properties prices in Saudi Arabia taking place due to the racking up of lands and properties by Saudi market moguls.

Others thought that applying the fines on developed lands will limit any attempts of speculation on this kind of lands which could lead to the rise of its prices as well.

Sources assured to “Al Riyadh” newspaper that these variations shall be settled and voting process will take place during the time period defined by the cabinet.