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Tasheelat Real Estate displays 2 residential schemes in Bahrain

Bahrain - July 28, 2015

Tasheelat Real Estate Services has displayed two residential schemes in Bahrain; Saint Christopher scheme in Saar area which includes 58 plots worth 4.2 million BHD, and another scheme in Abu Subee’ area comprised from 34 plots and worth 2 million BHD.

Tasheelat Real Estate Services is considered the real estate arm of Bahrain Credit Company which offers 4 main products; car loans, personal loans, real estate loans, and credit card services.

The company is expanding in many fields, besides the new residential schemes, it’s preparing to launch a new car exhibition standing on 450 square meters in Jaber Al Ahmed Al Sabah street. The new exhibition will feature Chinese-made cars from a reliable manufacturer.

As for the real estate services; the executive manager of Bahrain Credit, Adel Hubail, said that the company purchases in raw lands and sell it back after laying the infrastructure basis in relatively competitive prices.

The company offers also real estate solutions for customers to purchase and build.


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