Viva City unveils Sport Society, the world’s largest sports mall


Viva City, one of the renowned Dubai-based real estate investors, has announced its plan to develop Sport Society, a new major commercial project which, upon its completion, will be largest commercial sports mall in the world.

Spanning the same area taken by accumulated 12 football pitches, Sport Society will mainly comprise three floors, with its ground floor housing a vast space for organizing and hosting sporting events.

The project is set for completion in 2020. On the other hand, the remaining two floors will feature stores and outlets for the world’s most renowned sportswear brands, areas for sports activities, as well as a number of world-class restaurants and cafes. In addition to that, the mall will feature a large LED display which will enable the location’s visitors to watch ongoing sports events.

In his comment on the new project announcement, Edgar Bove, head of design department at Viva City explained that Sport Society will feature brand new concepts in both its design and execution. Bove added that the mall will deliver an unprecedented experience that fuses shopping, entertainment and sports activities.

The new project comes in line with Dubai Fitness Challenge, an initiative that encourages Dubai’s residents to be active for 30 minutes every day to stay fit.