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Things are looking good for Italy since it features a lot of properties for sale and has a thriving real estate market. The European country is a world famous traction point for visitors and tourists willing to experience unique historic sites revealing the true essence of European architecture magnificence. The country offers many advantageous opportunities suitable for investors of all sorts.

Either looking for a summer home on the shore overlooking the sea or a modern flat in the heart of Naples, Milan or Rome, you will find a lot of suitable options to choose from. The boot-shaped country is known for its extraordinary beauties, tourism is a pivotal business sector that has a major role in vitalizing the whole economy. Tourism had a hand in boosting demand on Italian properties and stimulating foreign investments.

To open the door for more foreign investments and catalyze the economic development activity, Italian government made most properties on its soil freehold properties, including apartments. This means that all nationalities have the chance to purchase anywhere around the south European country. However, property purchase must take place through a registered real estate agent. Properties in Italy aren’t tax free, a number of taxes are imposed on property buyers that varies in cost according to many situations. Weetas Overseas section offers a bundle of the most coveted properties for sale in Italy, check our list and call us once you find something suitable.