If you are looking for a new house remember that You are not just buying or renting that house, you are also buying into and becoming a part of the whole neighborhood around it.

A truly great neighborhood is one that is in sync with your current lifestyle, one that caters to your specific needs at this point in your life.

For example, a family with kids may look for a big house close to their kids’ beloved school with easy access to a good park, while a single professional who works all day may look for an apartment close to their work with easy access to restaurants.

Nonetheless, there are some characteristics that define any good neighborhood, some must-have amenities that make it a great place to live in.

These are some of the most important qualities in a great neighborhood:

1. It has lots of trees

It has lots of trees

A green landscape with lots of trees can add a lot of value and character to a neighborhood.

Large trees and lush landscaping can offer some nice shade for your home during the summer time, plus it offers a quiet serenity all the time.

Elegant well-established neighborhoods often have a thriving, lush tree canopy, trees that have been growing there for years.

The shade and character offered by big trees can add more than just aesthetics.

2. You can move around in it without a car

You can move around in it without a car

Whether it is a natural hiking trail, a side street for bicycles or a nice street full of boutiques, the ability to move around in a neighborhood is a great quality.

Being able to leave the car keys at home and hit the pavement to walk to markets, parks, and all the other amenities your neighborhood has to offer can be a huge plus.

3. You can find essentials nearby

You can find essentials nearby

Wherever you live, convenient access to essential services and shopping is a must.

Imagine having to drive for 20 minutes to get some bread! No one wants that no matter how good the house is.

In addition to grocery stores and pharmacies, homeowners should have easy access to retail services, bank branches, and restaurants.

4. It is safe

It is safe

As safety and security are everyone’s concern, a community where you can let your kids walk to the nearest park and a woman can walk alone at night is definitely a safe haven.

That is why a gated community is always more expensive, no trespassers and more security for you and your family.

However, you can find that safety outside gated communities as well, just ask around and check online to make sure how safe the neighborhood is.

5. It offers easy access to medical care

It offers easy access to medical care

Being close enough to get to a hospital or an emergency room quickly is key for a safe neighborhood.

Knowing that you can easily access medical care if you or anyone in your family need it will make you sleep better.

It does not have to be a big hospital, but there must be some sort of a clinic or an emergency room nearby.

6. It offers a variety of housing types

It offers a variety of housing types

A great neighborhood should offer a variety of housing types that range in size, from small studio apartments to big houses.

If you are looking for a small flat close to your family’s big house you should be able to find that in a good neighborhood, it should cater to all needs.

7. It provides a full range of public services

It provides a full range of public services

Who does not want a nearby green park where you can chill on a nice day? Or a nearby police station and fire station in case of emergency? Or access to public transportation if needed?

There should be a police station, fire station, park, easy access to public transportation and all public services in a good neighborhood.

8. It looks appealing

It looks appealing

Last but not least, a great neighborhood should look appealing and feel inviting. Visual interest is an important factor in the place you live in.

A great neighborhood is one that features interesting architecture and design, and is comfortable and appealing.

It should have intriguing storefronts, clean streets with good lighting, and flowers and trees that look inviting.

It should make you happy and proud to call it home.

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