Despite the dropping oil prices and the turbulent economic situations taking place in the region, Saudi Arabia is still witnessing a fervent construction activity led by Saudi and regional development giants.

New projects are taking place to meet the rising demand on residence all around Saudi Arabia and to accommodate the increasing number of tourists pouring in the kingdom every year.

Here we are going to provide a list of the top real estate companies in Saudi Arabia which executed or currently executing number of the known real estate landmarks in the kingdom.


1- Kingdom Real Estate Development  


Currently developing the world tallest tower “Kingdom Tower” in Jeddah, the company is one of the most successful real estate investors and developers engaged in many real estate sectors and having large portfolio of magnificent properties.

Kingdom Real Estate Development is a subsidiary of Kingdom Holding Company which is successfully directed by Prince Waleed Bin Talal and founded in 1980 by him.

Kingdom Real Estate is currently working on a number of projects that stand as a quality addition to real estate sector like “Kingdom Land” East Riyadh and “Kingdom Tower” in Jeddah.


2- Jabal Omar Real Estate


Established in 2007 to develop one of Saudi Arabia’s largest real estate projects taking place in Mecca next the Holy Mosque.

“Jabal Omar” is a gigantic hospitality project built on a total area of 230,000 square meters to include 26 upscale hotels scattered on 38 towers.

The hotels are managed by top hospitality brand names like Hilton, Sheraton, Hyatt Regency, Marriot, Sofitel, and other respectable names.

The project includes 11,454 hotel rooms in addition to 208 average space villas of about 175 square meters.


3- Dar Al Arkan


Dar Al Arkan started in 1994 as an infrastructure developer, it worked on site improvements like water, drainage, roads, ect.

It then expanded to undertake private residential construction projects limited to developing a small number of units.

Since then the company grew exponentially working in all Saudi Arabia’s regions (Western, eastern, and center). It turned public in 2007 listing 11.01 percent of its shares.

Dar Al Arkan portfolio of delivered projects is diverse with projects of different scales and categories including Al Qasr Mall, Shams Al Arous Project in Jeddah, and Shams Alriyadh.


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4- Makkah Construction and Development


Established in 1986, the company operations of real estate investment, development and properties management is confined to Mecca’s boundaries.

Mekkah Towers is one of the company’s most notable projects which overlooks the Holy Mosque and managed by the global name of Hilton.


5- Binladen Group

One of Saudi Arabia and MENA largest real estate developers with an annual income of 5 billion SAR.

Binladen Group is known of being Saudi’s government favorite as it is usually commissioned the governmental residential and infrastructure projects, not to mention the holy mosques improvement and expansion projects.


6- Al Akaria

A leading real estate developer in Saudi Arabia, the company since its establishment in 1976 has designed, constructed, and managed top Saudi residential and real estate projects.

It delivered 1200 apartments in 9 residential compounds. Al Akaria is known of developing the first gated residential community in KSA.

Its portfolio of delivered projects includes Al Akaria Residential Compound, Al Akaria Residences, The Plaza, and many other projects.



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