Owning a home in this era has become difficult because it requires a lot of money, but the matter has become easier after investors followed the instalment system. Owning a house in Bahrain is either under construction or after completion of the construction. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages, so let’s get to know the pros and cons of buying new houses under construction in Bahrain.


When you buy a new home under construction, you must first define your priorities and what you want in the specifications of this house to know what are the correct questions that require answers from the company that owns the project. In my personal view, buying houses under construction has more advantages than disadvantages. Let’s find out together what are the pros and cons of buying houses under construction in Bahrain.

Pros of buying new houses under construction 

One of the most important advantages of buying a new home from scratch is that you will get a completely new home. The first person to use it is you. Everything from interior and exterior partitions and decorations will be compatible with your taste. Everything is perfectly clean and pristine, and every detail, from the largest appliances to the mouldings along the planks is specially placed there for your use.

Prices are affordable

Houses Under Construction

The price of the property will be affordable for everyone regardless of the house already built (the disadvantage is that the instalment period is short if not, and the price is very high), this gives you a lot of benefits and future decisions at a later time when you are settled as you will save a lot of money in your deal when it comes to ordering a home upgrade or other needs. Home and Land packages are a great option because not only do you get more for what you spend but you may also be eligible for a first homeowner scholarship.

Growth possibility

Some people buy homes or real estate in general for investment, it is expected that the location of your home will become distinctive and full of services after several years, and this increases its price. When looking at home and package deals, you may notice or even look for future developments that may occur such as transportation, malls, service center, restaurants, and many other establishments or benefits that may come your way.

A Larger Home 

Houses Under Construction

Owning a home under construction allows you to shape the house according to your desire. You can ask for your modifications from the beginning so that the house becomes very personal and special to your taste, and in the end, the house you want to live in is formed.

Cons of buying new houses under construction 

Property Location

Some sites may not be susceptible to neighboring development at first and it may take longer for organizations to appear nearby over the years. Depending on your location, you may not be near where you want to be which may lead to a heavy reliance on more transportation. You can always check the neighborhoods and any future developments to come to prepare and plan things to make sure you are comfortable with the location though.

Land Titling And Loan Repayment

When it comes to owning land for construction, it takes more time than expected due to the formal procedures for granting the official ownership rights to the land to the buyer regardless of whether he has already moved to the place of residence, and once the title deeds are paid, the loan instalments must be paid.

The similarity of the houses

Usually, the company builds houses with a unified and common design for all owners. Some people accept owning an apartment similar to the rest of the apartments, and some implement its design, but this requires a higher cost.

Future plans

This may be the dream home you completely wished for, and it may be a traditional home-like any similar home with the value of homes. If you feel the desire to move again, some laws may be imposed by staying at home for five years and then moving.


As we mentioned at the beginning that buying a house under construction in Bahrain is not easy, so study all available options to choose the best and closest to your taste, and this house is worth you to pay for.


The house and land package contains advantages and disadvantages, to avoid its flaws, you should study the options well in terms of the appropriate location for you and your family and make sure of the details related to the property you want to ensure the best thing and the closest home to your taste.

Freehold & lease for Foreigners in Bahrain

Houses Under Construction

Now is the right time to own your apartment in Bahrain. Freehold ownership has become available for foreigners. So if you are looking to stay in Bahrain for a long time and seek to invest in it, the time has come.


And among the most important places that provide the opportunity for foreigners to own real estate in Bahrain (Juffair neighborhood – Amwaj Islands – Pearl Towers – Reef Island – Durrat Marina – Durrat Al Bahrain) and it is expected to increase the number of areas that allow foreigners to own property in the coming period.

Since the Bahrain government permitted this law (the Free Owners Act), the real estate market in Bahrain has flourished significantly and encourages The Gulf and foreigners to own real estate in Bahrain.

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