The kingdom of Bahrain houses many waterfront properties that offer outstanding sea and sunset views.

From Hasabi Waterfront Development, Bahrain Bay, Marassi Al Bahrain, Saada Muharraq and many other upcoming projects, Bahrain is considered the perfect investment opportunity for those looking for a unique waterfront property.

Whether constructed or under construction, all of Bahrain’s waterfront projects are a testament to perfection as they offer a fully integrated lifestyle with a wide range of waterfront units that are tailored to each client’s individual tastes and lifestyle requirements.

If you are interested in investing in real estate market in Bahrain, in particular, waterfront properties; then you should consider the following before sealing the deal.

1- Inspect the property

Inspect the property

A waterfront property doesn’t necessarily mean an easy access to the beach. You have to go yourself and check the property as some properties don’t provide an easy access to the beach as you might think. Which is why you need to check the property and the water before you seal the deal.

2- Consider the property more than the building itself

Consider the property more than the building itself

The waterfront building could be a unique one which offers facilities and amenities that boost luxury living. However, the building properties could have a poor sea view or its location doesn’t provide the privacy you thought it would.

3- Check the building structure

Check the building structure

Waterfront properties are prone to severe damage as water can creep under a foundation of a home, causing costly structural damage over time. Hence, a thorough check of the foundation is a must where you will know for sure if the building has a potential for any future water damage or not.

4- Look for the type of water that suits you

Look for the type of water that suits you

If you are looking to spend a relaxing afternoon by the beachside, then look for properties that offer a direct access to the sandy beaches. But if you are a sailing enthusiast then a property that lies on a bay would be the perfect fit.

5- Work with a waterfront specialist

Work with a waterfront specialist

Not all real estate agents are experts when it comes to waterfront properties due to the structural issues, type of water…Etc. This why it is better to work with a real estate agent who knows all that there is about waterfront properties.

6- Mingle with your neighbors

Mingle with your neighbors

Talking to the neighbors and people who are already living on the waterfront can tell you a lot. By doing this you will be able to know useful information that can make or break the deal since neighbors understand the issues associated with waterfront properties.

7- Ask about the shoreline’s history

Ask about the shoreline’s history

The shoreline’s history is one thing you need to be aware of before purchasing a waterfront property. You need to do factual checks about whether the water level goes up or not. Also, check if the water line moves away at times because this means walking a huge distance to reach the water.