In small bathrooms, squeezing storage space can be a real pain in the neck if they are not well-organized and decluttered.

Even though many homeowners don’t pay attention to bathrooms, but a bathroom is actually one of the most important rooms in any house.

Bathrooms are supposed to be the one spot in the house that anyone seeks to relax in.

Hence, if the room itself doesn’t radiate a comfy feeling as well as a relaxing ambience then one will be forced to rush things to get out.

This is why we give you 10 ideas and tip for squeezing storage space in a small bathroom so you are able to move freely inside and relax at the same time.

1. Ladder Shelves

Ladder Shelves

You can either purchase it or do it yourself, but ladder shelves are extremely efficient especially for small bathrooms.

It’s a bathroom storage unit usually placed over the toilet or leaning on a bare wall in the bathroom.

Ladder shelves are excellent for storing towels, toothbrushes and all your bathroom essentials.

2. Mason Jar Organizer

Mason Jar Organizer

Mason Jars are extremely beneficial for de-cluttering around the bathroom sink.

If your bathroom is extremely small and you can’t afford to make ladder shelves or extra storage unit underneath the sink, them mason jars are your answer.

Just hang them on the wall and use them as storage units.

3. Built-in for storage

Built-in for storage

Built-in storage units are a huge space saver in any bathroom.

You will never have to worry about stumbling or hitting your legs while trying to move inside your small bathroom.

Built-ins are always a clever and efficient use of space especially if it’s too small.

That way your bathroom will look organised, neat, and de-cluttered.

4. Bathtub Storage

Bathtub Storage

As strange and odd as this may sound, but bathtub storage is another way to maximise your space and increase your chances for squeezing a storage inside your bathroom.

You can use this extra space to store your shampoos, conditioners and even towels.

Bathtub storage comes in different shapes; they can be rectangle Tub and Shelves, Tub & Tray, Tub Drawer Levers or Pull out Drawers.

5. Above the door shelf

Above the door shelf

Do you have extra toilet paper or towels and have no place to store them?

A shelf placed above the bathroom door is your answer.

You can store extra bath supplies, guest toiletries or even some book or flowers as a decoration idea.

Above doors is always an unused space, so you better start working on making that shelf and add an extra space to your bathroom.

6. Second Shower Rod

Second Shower Rod

If your shower is small and no space for corner shelves to put your shampoos and conditioners, then a second shower rod is what your shower needs.

Just make sure to place it high so you can move freely inside, add hooks to it and you got yourself a shower storage space.

7. Multiple Towel Racks

Multiple Towel Racks

You probably won’t need it if you live alone.

But what if you decided to let a friend stay in for the night!

Multiple towel racks will come in handy if more than a person is using the bathroom and they are the perfect idea for squeezing storage space inside your small bathroom.

8. Mirror Medicine Cabinet

Mirror Medicine Cabinet

This is like the oldest trick in the book for small bathrooms, yet many forget to use it.

Instead of a regular mirror that takes up a wall space, you can put a mirror medicine cabinet.

You can place tonnes of storage shelves inside and store those tiny bathroom supplies that somehow take up space if left scattered.

9. Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are extremely efficient in small spaces as they don’t take floor space.

Hence, in small bathrooms, you can put several floating shelves and scatter them on your bathroom walls.

You will not only get an extra storage space, but also nice looking bathroom walls.

10. Storage baskets

Storage baskets

If the space between your bathroom sink and the floor isn’t big enough to put a storage cabinet, then a storage basket will do the trick.

It comes in various shapes, sizes and colours that suit your bathroom and also save up some space as well as help with squeezing storage space.

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