It’s time to enjoy your life and move out of your current house, moving into your first apartment is a super exciting time in your life. But the process of moving into a new home requires careful planning for it to be a successful one, especially if you are a first-time renter. Renting a home or apartment for the first time can be an exciting experience. You’re finally experiencing a new sense of independence. There are some useful tips for moving out for the first time that will make moving into your new place an enjoyable experience. Moving to a home for the first time and you are a first-time renter? This is what you should do.

– Set your budget

- Set your budget

Putting your budget can help you save up for your first renting. You never want to spend more than you can afford on rent for your first apartment, the range of rent to income is 25-30% of your monthly income. If you spend more, it’s going to make the rest of your budgeting much more difficult. Make sure to include your utilities and WiFi into your budgeting so you can rent your house at an affordable price.

Attention, before you move in you will also pay a deposit and probably one month’s rent in advance.

– The best time to look for an apartment

- The best time to look for an apartment - First-time renter

Did you know that choosing the best time to rent an apartment can save you a lot of money?

As a first-time renter, if you are looking for an apartment at an affordable price, you’re going to want to be looking in the winter, especially from November to March. Applying for an apartment in winter can help you score some great deals since the demand for rental housing is at its lowest during that time of year.

The busiest rental-moving time is between the months of May and September because a number of life changes tend to occur in these months. For example, many college graduates are seeking an apartment close to where they will start their jobs.

Don’t forget to look for an apartment near the transportations, or if you will be driving to work, what is the traffic like at rush hour?

– Find a good house

- Find a good house

The most essential step for first-time renter is choosing the right house to rent where you can feel comfortable and safe is more important than you think. If you choose well, an apartment can save you a lot of time, effort, and money, so take a tour of the apartment. Online search has definitely made it simple for renters to view new homes, and also you can take a walking tour to help you experience the neighborhood first-hand.

– Apartment amenities checklist

- Apartment amenities checklist

Every apartment community has its own amenities. If you’re wondering how to rent for the first time, then you’re probably also wondering what kinds of amenities apartment buildings typically offer. So it’s a good idea to make sure that your new apartment meets your most necessary needs. These amenities can be car parking, a swimming pool, central AC, a fitness gym, and a security system.

– Ask when renting an apartment as a first-time renter

- Ask when renting an apartment as a first-time renter

Once you get the apartment, you need to carefully read your lease, and you should know what questions to ask before signing a lease, be sure to ask these questions:

1- How do I pay rent?

2- Is Renter’s insurance required?

3- What Utilities are included and how do I pay them?

4- What changes can I make to the apartment?

5- What happens if you need to break your lease?

Ask these questions during your apartment tour to ensure you have everything covered before moving in. 

– Check the property before renting it

- Check the property before renting it

Before you decide to rent an apartment, be sure that you are not just focusing on public transportation, parks, and schools, but also what’s inside the rental property. It’s no fun to move into a new place only to discover that there are several little things wrong with the space that you now have to pester your new landlord to fix.

Check water pressure

Check water pressure

Low water pressure is hard to deal with, especially if you find out after you have moved in. So you should check water pressure before renting the property. If there’s a problem with it, you can negotiate with the landlord before signing the agreement.

Check the lights, and light switches to ensure they work

Check the lights, and light switches to ensure they work - First-time renter

If you’re viewing the apartment during the day and there is a great amount of natural light, you might not think of turning on the lights in every room to ensure they work, but you should try to remember to do so. If the light switches don’t seem to work or need to be replaced in light fixtures, it’s also a great time to check with the landlord to see if you would be responsible for replacing them.

Check the bathroom

Check the bathroom

 If you are renting an apartment, then check all bathroom ceilings for water damage. Any water damage will be noticeable right away and should be discussed before making renting. Do not ignore this issue if it is present as it will become a hassle for you later on.

Know the Neighborhood

Know the Neighborhood - First-time renter

Make sure that you’re picking the right neighborhood. Some neighborhoods are too quiet, others are too loud, so you need to know your neighborhoods.

It is best to visit the property at different times of the day, including at night, to figure out if external noise will be an issue. Also, try to visit on weekdays and at the weekend.

– Clean your apartment before you move in

- Clean your apartment before you move in

Whether your new home is an apartment, an old home, or a brand-new house, one of the best ways to make it feel like it’s truly yours is to give it a thorough cleaning. Make sure you leave enough time to clean the house, especially the kitchen, bathrooms, and rooms or you can pay for a professional cleaning service company. 

– Get rid of unwanted items

- Get rid of unwanted items - First-time renter

When you move to a new home, try to take only the necessary items, especially if you are moving into a small, cozy flat. Now you can start packing the items that you will need in your new home and choose the furniture movers carefully to transport your furniture pieces, the professionals will be responsible for putting those pieces back together after the move.

What do you pay for when renting an apartment?

What do you pay for when renting an apartment?

The answer to this question also differs between apartments. Here’s a checklist of the things you will most commonly have to pay for when renting an apartment:

– Rent.

– Your deposit (often the cost of one month’s worth of rent).

– Utilities are often referred to as bills such as water, gas, trash, and electricity.

– If you own a pet, you will have to pay a pet deposit and for some apartments, a monthly pet fee.


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