Happiness starts at home, and most home design trends this year are about making your home a happier place.

So whether you are furnishing a new house, redecorating your home or even if you just want to add a trendy touch to your beloved home, we brought you here the latest home design trends for 2017.


Go Green

Go Green

In this modern day and age people are looking more and more to submerge themselves in nature. And nothing makes people feel more united with nature than surrounding themselves with nature's signature color in their own homes.

Pantone LLC, the world-renowned authority on color and provider of color systems, chose green to be the color of the year, and all experts agree that it is indeed the top trend in home design in 2017.

From lime green to emerald, the hue works throughout the home, whether it is a wall, a room filling rug or just a lovely vase.

Green is meant to represent refreshment and revitalization. It is also the color of growth, spring, renewal and rebirth.

More importantly, it is a relaxing color that is pleasing to the eye.


Add some white

Add some white

Another color taken from nature, white is one of the most common colors in nature, the color of sunlight, snow, milk and a lot of flowers.

Plus, in many cultures, white signifies innocence and light.

What's new this year in home design trends is that we're seeing raw white and white on white or white with off-white.

The key to including these combinations to your house without it looking too sterile is using fabrics and paints with a lot of texture.

Using white in decor adds light to the house and makes the place look more spacious.


Take a cue from the runway

Take a cue from the runway

Runway fashion is a common catalyst for home design trends. The top two trends exported from the runway this year are mixed patterns and tropical prints.

Mixed patterns were first spotted at New York Fashion Week in Fall 2016, and will appear even more in home design this year.

On the other hand, we've seen some of the biggest names in fashion like Mark Jacobs, Prada and Emanuel Ungaro experiment with all things tropical. The print will continue to appear in wallpaper and designer fabrics in 2017.

So whatever your favorite trend on the runway this year is, you'll probably find it in home decor as well.


Faux finishes are not a faux pas anymore

Faux finishes are not a faux pas anymore

Faux will be fashionable in home design trends this year. Homeowners and designers are turning to faux materials for a budget-friendly and sometimes more reliable alternative to authentic materials.

We've been seeing faux fur in rugs and fabrics for a while, but now there's even more. Engineered Quarts for instance is taking place in home design, and it is proving to be more durable than natural marble.

Faux wood ceiling beams, are also a big trend this year. Faux wood can't rot or bow like real wood. Plus, it serves the purpose of unity with nature because no trees are being cut.


Artisanal and unique items

Artisanal and unique items

Art is one of the top trends in home design this year. Designers are looking for items that are more artisan than mass produced.

You'll see craftsmanship and materials that require you to have a high level of skill to work with emerge.

In the search for uniqueness, people are even taking old and vintage pieces and converting them for modern use.

So revamp your home with beautiful art pieces, either by supporting a new artist, splurging for an original item or even by renewing your grandmother's vintage chest of drawers.


Get the latest technology

Get the latest technology

Last but not least, we can't forget about technology, and the latest trend in home design technology seems to be voice-activated assistants.

Amazon’s Alexa, acts as a voice-activated interface for many smart home devices. Google Home’s voice assistant was launched December 2016.

These devices work through activation phrases like “Alexa” or “OK Google.” The devices, placed throughout your home, are always listening in somewhat of a dormant state. Say the activation phrase, and the device fires up and awaits your command. Ask it to give you the weather or play a song from your playlist or dim your lights or even start the coffee maker.

If you're looking for the biggest and the latest trend in home design, this is certainly it.

To sum it up, 2017 seems to be a bright year full of natural happy colors, cool prints and beautiful art with the added twist of smart technology.

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