The area of Busaiteen is one of the old localities in Muharraq Governorate, Bahrain. It saw remarkable change over the years in its urban structure including its houses, facilities, and infrastructure. Moreover, change occurred in its demographic composition same as many other localities in Bahrain.

We all aim at living in full serenity and comfort, apart from the bustling noise of big towns and anything that reminds us with life pressures. Despite how romantic this aim is, it usually contradicts with the basic needs of contemporary life, it’s against practicality. Despite our tendencies to solitude, we also can’t fight back this urge of having everything like food, entertainment, sports exercise, etc.

Busaiteen has it all, it provides the full serenity, calmness, and luxury in conjunction with entertainment and accessibility of many facilities, so you can really enjoy tranquillity combined with all pleasures.

We combined the most significant factors that convinced us in calling Busaiteen the best place to live in Bahrain.


  • Centric location

Centric location

Busaiteen lies in the North Western side of Muharraq Island. The word “Busaiteen” means gardens in Arabic, it was given this name due to its numerous orchards and green areas.

The district spans from the Airport road in the south to Al Sayah area in the north. It lies in the vicinity of Bahrain International Airport and it’s linked to Bahrain’s main island with Sheikh Isa bin Salman Causeway.

The access to Sheikh Isa bin Salman Causeway makes reaching Manama districts like Juffair, Seef, Hoora, or Gudaibiya very easy for Busaiteen residents, it’s only a matter of minutes. The area is also close to the Diplomatic Area which teems with many fancy hospitality venues, cafes, and restaurants.

  • Entertainment facilities

Entertainment facilities

The area teems with various shopping facilities, cafes, and restaurants offering different kinds of food and cuisines. Also, it’s in a close proximity to an extended sea front promenade that’s suitable for passing quality times with friends or family.

The area is about to witness a new shopping mall to be established in Al Sayah district. The project was unravelled last month and it’s expected to include a hyper market, top brand outlets, and recreational facilities. Moreover, it’s only a couple of minutes away from Seef area which includes Bahrain’s top shopping destinations like Bahrain City Center, Seef Mall, and Avenues Mall.

Above all that, Busaiteen is serviced with various schools, mosques, clinics, and hospitals to ensure utmost satisfaction of residents.


  • Education facilities

Education facilities

Many educational facilities are scattered around the area. In fact, Busaiteen district has the credit of having the first school in Bahrain and the entire Arabian Gulf which is Al-Hidaya Al-Khalifia School, built in 1919 to serve the children of the royal family.

A new campus of the Medical University in Bahrain opened in Busaiteen in 2008 to be a constituent university of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

There’s also King Hamad University Hospital that boasts 311 beds and advanced medical services, in addition to Sheikh Khalifa bin Salman Institute of Technology.


  • Suitable prices

Suitable prices

According to Weetas price range, apartments’ sale prices in Busaiteen start from BHD 45,000 for one bedroom apartment and reach BHD 75,000 for two bedroom units. It’s worth mentioning that Busaiteen is a freehold area where foreigners can hold properties without conditions.

Rental prices start from BHD 200 for one bedroom apartments. The area displays a wide range of residential options featuring one bedroom, two bedroom, and three bedroom. Busaiteen apartments for rent or sale are set to meet all needs, they are available for affordable and decent prices to fit all segments.

The average rental price of a standard villa in Busaiteen is around BHD 650 per month. The available villas come furnished and unfurnished. Furnished residential options are coveted by those looking for a ready residence, while unfurnished villas are more suitable for those who prefer fitting out their home the way they want.


  • Full serenity

Full serenity

The district is somehow alienated from the city’s roar, many of the housing units offer fantastic view of the sea to grant residents unique experience.

Busaiteen is like a safe haven, a green oasis offering full comfort and serenity in the heart of Bahrain. It abounds with many vast green spaces, parks, and its quiet narrow streets are suitable for jogging.

If you are looking for a quiet, safe, and well-serviced area where multiple facilities could be find, Busaiteen is the best option you could have.


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