Trends in interior design are not meant to be taken too seriously, which is why interior designing experts always recommend to never spend too much money on implementing a certain trend to your house that chances are will go out of style before you can even finish decorating.

That doesn't mean to stick to your old style either and never enhance the way your house looks.

A word of advice here is to not take any new trend too seriously and your house will just look fine.

Here are 6 of the worst trends in interior design that happened in the history of design and here is why you should definitely stay as far away as possible from adopting them.

1- Matching patterns

Matching patterns

Whoever said that matching wallpaper patterns with your furniture patterns will make your room much more appealing was not thinking straight!

Going overboard with your matching patterns style is what probably has been driving your visitors outside your house.

You need to incorporate different patterns rather than matching them.

2- Faux Paintings

Faux Paintings

Yes they may have been the trend back in the 90s or something, but now they just make your wall look hideous.

And if you have been overdoing it with more than one wall, then your house will probably look so outdated.

In order to give a more updated and fresh look to your space, just paint over them and your space will look and feel entirely different.

3- Beaded Curtains

Beaded Curtains

No, No, No! If you have one of those then hurry up and take them off. They don't just make your space look random, but they also look ugly.

If you want room dividers that add a sense of style and elegance to your house, then go for lush sheer curtains for instance which will give you the same effect of breaded curtains but with a more appealing look.

4- Bathroom Covers

Bathroom Covers

Unfortunately this is one of the trends in interior design that should just be tossed away. Toilet covers are one trend you should abandon immediately.

They make your bathroom look unappealing and too much.

When it comes to bathroom decoration, the more simple you make, the more appealing and elegant it looks.

5- Leopard Prints

Leopard Prints

Yes they are trendy and yes they complement your space, but don't go all the way with leopard prints.

Too much of anything can make even the stylish spaces look out of style.

Which is why if you want to go with the Leopard prints, just tone it down to only one piece of furniture.

6- Wall-to-Wall Carpets

Wall-to-Wall Carpets

As much as they make for a luxurious space, but wall-to-wall carpets nowadays just don't give the same elegant vibes as they used to.

You can still use the wall-to-wall rugs in bedrooms, but for areas with high traffic such as the living room, it is recommended to go for area rugs.

They are easier to clean and replace any time you just feel you want to go for another look.

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