Decorating your house without breaking the bank is possible. Giving your space that new look and feel through low-cost decorating ideas is something possible and you can even do it yourself without the help of a professional.

Sometimes plain and simple solutions can have great effects and you might even fool others into thinking your house got an expensive remodeling.

Here are 7 low-cost decorating ideas that won’t break the bank.

1- Draw on your furniture

Let’s say you are an artist and you love drawing, then use your skills and decorate your furniture by drawing on them.

Giving a sense of you and who you are to your furniture, creates an intimate space that also pours creativity.

If you have a dull pouf chair sitting in your living room, just get fabric, gray, and black sharpie and draw (check the picture above with the leopard fabric)

2- Print-out art

If you have a bare wall some place in your house and you are a person who likes to take pictures, then go ahead and print out any of your favorite pictures and just hang it on the wall.

You can even do your own frame through the use of tape and you can even get creative with doing the frames.

3- Interior curtains

If you have two rooms with an open floor plan, you can spice things up by adding an interior curtain.

Add a touch of appeal to your space and choose curtains that complement your space whether through the use of color, fabric or type.

4- Statement tablecloth

Yes! Even a small piece of fabric can do wonder to your space and give it an eclectic feel that radiates freshness.

The trick here with statement tablecloths is to go for colors that don’t go with the rest of the furniture in order to make it stand out.

5- Paint

Paint has the power to change the entire look of your house and all for low-cost changes.

You can freshen up how your house looks and feel by painting internal doors yourself or even walls or cabinets.

The trick is to use bold and unconventional colors that disrupt the eye in an easy-to-look-at way.

6- Improve Lighting

Either by allowing more natural light to come through your windows during the day time or by updating your old lampshade with a bright one.

You can decorate your lampshades, paint them or draw on them.

Also, you can buy budget-friendly pendant lights to add a different feel of warmth and coziness to your house.

7- Rearrange Your Furniture

Changing where your furniture used to sit can have a wondrous effect on the overall look of your space.

Just re-arrange your living room and instead of placing your sofa in the middle of the room, you corner it and create a more refreshed and vibrant look with no extra costs.

8- Mirrors

A well-placed mirror can make your small space looking all large and spacious. You can get creative with your mirrors by either creating a dramatic effect with only one large mirror or small mirror scattered on a wall.

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