Celebrity homes have always been an area of interest for fans.

People are always hoping to relate to these celebrities by seeing how they live.

Also, a person’s home is a great indicator of how this person is in real life.

Whether they prefer simplicity or elegance, celebrities each have their own unique taste.

Today we bring you a collection of five Arab celebrity homes.

1. Mohamed Abdo

Mohamed Abdo

Saudi Arabian sensation Mohamed Abdo has a home as grand as his talent.

This house is the epitome of sophistication and elegance.

It is a two-storey villa with a soothing exterior.

Inside, it is dominated by soft palettes and warm brown wood.


2. Kazem El Saher

Kazem El Saher

Iraqi Kazem El Saher owns this modern home in Lebanon.

The entire house is clad in black and white.

While his many trophies and awards are scattered about the house.

Kazem’s choice of modern furniture gives the house a beautiful and unique atmosphere.


3. Ahlam


Ahlam is known for her bubbly personality and larger-than-life attitude.

Of course, her home is a direct manifestation of her character.

This well-lit mansion perfectly fuses between modern and traditional motifs.

From the elegant furniture to the detailed landscape, Ahlam’s home is the place of dreams.


4. Abdullah Bel Kheir

Abdullah Bel Kheir

Emirati singing icon Abdullah Bel Kheir owns this spectacular home.

The Arab celebrity has an indoor swimming pool with a ceiling that resembles the night sky.

The furniture is simple but also authentic in nature.

There are beautiful tall palm trees surrounding the house.


5. Rashid Al Majid

Rashid Al Majid

Rashid’s house lies in Dubai near Mall of the Emirates.

It has a circular shape and splits on two floors, it also sprawls over a large land plot.

The villa includes many sumptuous furniture pieces and luxury interior designs.

It’s worth mentioning that the house value is estimated at 2.5 billion dollars.

That’s not Rashid’s only house, he owns other villas in Dubai and Lebanon.

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