Although a lot of people do not consider it as the most preferable or comfortable choice when it comes to buying or selling real estate, using the aid of a professional realtor can help not only in accelerating the process of buying and selling real estate, but also improving it, which makes the process of choosing your realtor an important process that should be done carefully.

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As for why you should use their aid, realtors have an expert eye that can tell the smallest differences between properties; differences that might not be that obvious to other people not just in regards to its design or location, but also its future as an investment and how high or low its market value will go according to many factors that the buyer might not be familiar with including the following:

1- The market price.

2- The right time to sell or buy.

3- The best financing options.


4- The closing costs.

5- The contract terms.

Here are the top practices you ought to do when choosing your Realtor:-

1-Search for a knowledgeable Realtor who has a full knowledge of the area you intend to buy or sell in. The professional realtor should know everything about everything, starting from the history of the market in the area and the services (schools, hospitals, transportation) and amenities to the differences between each area; even the little differences that might not seem that important to you; in order to assist you make the perfect purchase.

Knowledgeable broker

2- Carry out an online search to see if the Realtor is using the latest technology like having an up to date website with fresh content and social media platforms where you can check the customer’s testimonials and the Realtor’s engagement with the clients.


A professional Realtor should be available through all technology portals from computers, laptops, mobile phones and emails since studies showed that 85% of interested buyers look for their houses online first.

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3-Check the Realtor’s available property listings posted on their website whether for rent or sale and how specific, detailed and correct these listings are.

Property Listings

Also, you should check the pictures they post for the properties and their quality as the house you intend to sell could be posted on this website in the future. This is important for you not only for choosing your realtor while you are buying a new property, but also if you intended to sell your property in the future through the same realtor, you would know how it will be demonstrated on his website or social media channel.

4- Meet more than one Realtor before making a choice to go for a specific one. Specially if this is your first time to buy a property, it would be a little bit hard for you to know all the details that you need to consider while choosing your realtor.

If you met more than one realtor, this will help you further in differentiating them. Remember, you are looking for a committed, honest, patient and informative agent who does not rush you into a purchase and answer all your questions.

Interviewing more than one realtor

If you are not comfortable dealing with your Realtor on a personal level, then probably you won’t be able to deal with him/her on a professional level.

5- Be careful and do not be fooled by the number of sales achieved by a Realtor as you need to ask first whether these sales went smoothly, how long the house was put up for sale, was it sold for less than was advertised for. It’s recommended to check these details before choosing your realtor.


You need to understand that the quantity is important but not as important as the quality of the selling process as well.

6- Do not speak out all of your thoughts. After choosing your realtor, it is important to build rapport with him and establish a good professional relationship.

However, you still need to be careful specially when it comes to expressing how much you need to buy or sell a property.

For example, if you implied that you need to purchase a specific property by any means, this can be used as leverage by the owner of the property and the realtor while finalizing the purchase to raise its price or, best case scenario, you will not be able to negotiate the price of the property properly.

On the other hand, a similar scenario could happen if you are selling a property and you expressed that you need to sell it quickly, the realtor and the buyer can use this to reduce the price too a harmful extent. In short, do not share all your thoughts with the realtor to guarantee that the purchase or the sale of your property will go smoothly without harming you.

7- Make Sure there is a prior agreement on the commission while choosing your realtor because, after all, the realtor’s main gain is the commission he receives on the transaction from the buyer and the seller. Make sure that you and the realtor agree on the commission he would receive to avoid many possible problems that could occur amidst the transaction.

While buying or selling real estate, be extremely careful and take minimal to no risks at all in your choices. Make sure you are choosing your realtor correctly to avoid a lot of risks and troubles you do not need and make sure you are choosing the property that will meet your needs perfectly while considering your financial abilities.

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