DIY projects always add a touch of love and care to your home, they also give a room a lot of personality and character.

But while some people are very handy with tools and can easily do all sorts of DIY projects around the house, others find this very challenging.

That is why we tried to find some inspiring and easy ideas here, some DIY projects that anyone can do.

Make simple air fresheners with the help of some salt

Make simple air fresheners with the help of some sal

Who does not want their home to have a lovely scent?

This method is even perfect if you have anyone in your family allergic to perfumes or strong scents because it is made out of natural ingredients.

You can use an orange peel, just cut the orange in half first, then remove the pulp and fill the peel with salt.

This will bring out all the nice zesty scent of the orange, you can even stick a candle in the salt and use it as a center piece for a rustic dinner.

You can do the same with flowers as well. Just layer the petals with non Iodized salt in a small jar.

The salt will bring out their natural scent and help freshen your entire room.

It is better to keep a lid on the jar when you are not around to make the scent last even longer.

Give your cushions extra flare

cushions extra flare

Adding a pom pom fringe to your cushions will make them come to life.

It is an easy upgrade that you can do yourself, just find a nice trim that you like and that suits the cushions and sew it around the seam of the cushion.

Dress up your walls

Dress up your walls

Hang  your favorite family photos or your kids’ art on the walls, this idea is perfect for children’s bedrooms.

You can print copies of your family photos,  as large or as small as you want, a mixture of colored pictures and black and white ones.

You can also mix in some of your kids’ art for a more vibrant look.

As a cheap, easy and surprisingly chic alternative, consider framing them with different colored washi tapes.

Use different colors and sizes of tape, you can get as creative as you want with the frames, from simple rectangles to whatever complicated arrangement you may like.

Draw on the furniture

Draw on the furniture

Tie dyes are just the tip of the creative iceberg, you can use fabric paint or sharpies as well.

Give your little ones a plain cushion and some finger paint and have them make some throw pillows for their beds.

Or dig deep for your creative streak and color some yourself.

Make some beautiful string art

Make some beautiful string art

You do not need to mess with hammers and cutting wood and all that.

You can make it easier for yourself and use cork board instead, it is easy to work with and cheap.

Print and cut the word or the shape you want to make and nail all around it on the cork board, after you finish tracing all the letters or the sides of the shape remove the paper.

After that, start stringing. Tie the string firmly around the first nail and go on weaving back and forth. If you do not like how a certain part looks you can simply unwind it and redo it.

Turn your Instagram photos into coasters

Instagram photos into coasters

You can use any other photos for this DIY project if you want, but instagram photos are already in a square shape, plus, they print out nicely.

You may vamp up your old coasters with this trick, buy cheap ones and work with them, or if you really want to go all the way you can use square ceramic tiles.

You can even print your photos using a color printer  for minimum hassle.

After printing your photos, stick them on the coasters then cover them with a piece of clear plastic paper cut to the appropriate size and glow the edges.

For a cleaner finish you can either paint the whole thing with some sort of glue finish and let it dry, or if that is too much work for you can decorate the edges with washi tape.

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