Whether you intend to move out from your current house or you are staying put for the long run, renovations are a must. However, you need to know the best home upgrades that pay off and increase the value of your property and identify your budget limits and not get overwhelmed by these modifications so as not to cross the line to the dark side of no return and by this I mean spending a lot of money on unnecessary changes.

When it comes to selling your house, some home sellers remodel their houses to increase its market value while home owners who don’t think of moving any time soon, also deserves to renovate their houses in a way that they will enjoy.

But be aware that remodeling is a double-edged sword: while not renovating your house at all is unwise, remodeling everything can be as bad or worse.

That is why I will discuss here the top home upgrades that pay off and the ones that don’t add value at all.

Home upgrades that pay off

1- Kitchen:-

A kitchen is a crucial part of every house, and renovating it is one of the primary home upgrades that pay off and add to your place’s value. How many times you entered a friend’s new house and found yourself heading to their kitchen for a sneak peek?

This is one room in the house where money is well spent, so if you decided you want to renovate your kitchen you need to think moderately so as not to overdo it.

– What should you do:-

Painting walls shall do wonders to your kitchen, you can also start with changing cabinets, drawers and for an even wilder step you can change the handles of everything in your kitchen.


You can even change the floors to suit your taste whether you want to make wood floors or stone floors, the important thing is that you feel the difference.

2- Bathroom:-

This is one of the most important rooms in the house. The bathroom should be appealing and comfy as people do spend a lot of time in this room.

– What should you do:-

You can start by adding a window if you don’t have one or expanding your existing one to get more natural light inside the room.

Let’s move to the bath tub section,; let’s be real here, many of us don’t have time to take a long, relaxing bath in our tubs so instead of occupying a large space, you can remove the tub and replace it with a floor-to-ceiling and a big walk-in shower.


But let me tell you something here before thinking of remodeling your bathroom as a part of your house renovation plan, if you have a house with three bedrooms and a bathroom then take that leap of faith and make room for one more bathroom instead of renovating the only one you have. Space it up a little and you will feel the difference.

3- Adding rooms:-

Do you have a basement that you have never set a foot in? Well, you can convert either the basement space or any unused room space that you have inside your house into a nice guest room, a sanctuary place for you, or even a second living room.

Don’t forget that a very important rule for executing home upgrades that pay off is knowing how to use every bit of space you have efficiently.


4- Deck addition:-

Do you have a balcony that you don’t like? Then this is your chance to get the most out of it and by that I mean transform it into a nice outdoor deck and you can also add your own taste to it; you can add a nice swinging chair, raised garden beds or benches.


Building a deck is one of the most overlooked home upgrades that pay off greatly; this is because building a deck will probably cost you much so don’t start with it if you are not planning to use it.

5- Maintenance works:-

Although it might not be the prettiest part of your house renovations, addressing and fixing the issues that need repair in your house is the most crucial first step of executing home upgrades that pay off in your house.

For instant, you can’t start renovating your kitchen or bathroom if you have huge plumbing problems that will probably will bother you and ruin all the hard work done in renovating. So, address these issues – if they exist – first before even thinking of adding luxurious items to your house.



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**Renovations that don’t add value**

1- Swimming pools:-

You might think I am crazy for saying that swimming pools are not renovations that would add value to your house but hear me out. While they are indeed a great way to have fun and a playful afternoon at a friend’s house, they can be a hassle you could easily spare when they are your property as you will need to consider the costs of cleaning it constantly and the cost of its maintenance..etc.

Think about the long term costs and benefits of adding a swimming pool, and whether it will be an asset to your house or a burden.

2- Upscale additions from the inside or the outside:-

Renovation is one thing and crossing the line is a whole different matter. Get real and do what fits your house as high-end upgrades will do you no good if they don’t fit match the rest of the house.

Let’s say your house has the touch of the country side, renovating a kitchen that looks royal like will just look odd and will make your house look odd.

Also, making additions to the house such as an outdoor Jacuzzi will not look good if you are the only house in the neighborhood with one as this won’t make the selling process any much easier too since the new buyer probably won’t be in favor of his new house looking odd in the neighborhood.


Matching the upgrades you make with the ones your neighbors are doing will make your house look appealing if you think of selling it.

Your upgrades should be in sync with the rest of the house and the rest of the neighborhood.

Bottom line:-

Renovations are very profitable if you approach them wisely and right. If you don’t know what to do and where to start, then hire a professional who will make increase your house’s value, make it look more appealing and more matching with your personal tastes.

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