Lighting main objective besides illumination is to highlight the room’s basic aesthetics. As for kitchens they are no more a place for meals preparation only restricted on men and visitors. Designers now tend to convert kitchens to a comfy dining area as well.

The heavy tasks of food preparation undertaken in kitchens made the lighting system embedding in kitchens a more sophisticated operation which needs research in order not to cast shadows on cooking areas and counters, it’s better to structure the lighting systems amidst the finishing process.


1-    The first type of kitchen lighting is ambient lighting, or general lighting made to flood the whole kitchen area with lights.

kitchen lighting

2-    Another example of ambient lighting sourced from pendant light

Kitchen lighting

3-    Ambient lighting is essential for the room overall illumination

kitchen lighting system

4-    Another form of ambient lighting

Ambient lighting

5-    The second type of kitchen lighting styles is tasks lighting

Task lighting













6-   Task lighting is made for close and sophisticated work like cooking of course, for example: Undercabinet lightings. Tasks lightings are better to be embedded during the interior design finishing process.

Task lighting


7-  Accent Lighting is the third style of kitchen lighting made to signify the place decorations and aesthetic sides in general

House lighting

8-    Illuminating certain objects spouts a special sense of coziness and calmness

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Accent lighting

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