A balcony gives you a space to breathe inside the heart of  a crowded city, even a small balcony can be your safe haven if you choose to make it.

Even if your balcony is one of those tiny ones with barely enough space to step outside, it is still an outdoor space that you should make the most of.

If you have a well-decorated balcony, it can become your favorite place in the house.

It can become an oasis that lets you enjoy the fresh air and sun, a place to enjoy your morning coffee and a perfect place for comfortable and quiet reading time.

Here are some tips that will help you make the most out of your small balcony.

Garden retreat balcony

Garden retreat balcony

Green plants make the balcony look happy and bright, no matter how small it is. Placing those plants on all sides creates the feeling of being in a garden.

Use planting of different sizes and heights to create a small garden retreat.

A tallish tree will draw the eye upward, making the space seem larger than it is.

Add some plants underneath to form a cohesive look. You can also add a flower bed in a box perched on the rail, it does not take up valuable floor space, and it also adds beautiful colors.

You can always opt for a vertical garden if you do not have enough space.

Seating area

Seating area

Try to find a suitable seating option depending on the size of your balcony. But do not forgo seating!

First of all, for you or anyone else to enjoy the space you must have something to sit on.

And also, a place without seating seems infinitely smaller. While even two slim chairs and a small round table make the place look cozy and elegant.

If you have enough space you can even go for a built-in bench with some nice outdoor cushions, built-in benches leave more legroom to move in the balcony.

Or, if the balcony is really tiny to do much with, you can always use a big cushion as floor seating to create a little quiet space for yourself.

Get creative

Get creative

For instance, you might use a metal tray to turn a cheap stool into an inexpensive side table, small and convenient, you can use the tray for holding drinks.

Or you can use crates and boxes to make a table and chairs, some painting and some cushions and you are done!

Foldable furniture might be a good idea as well for such tiny spaces, because you can always change the layout of the space.

The sky is your limit, a balcony is an outdoor space after all so you do not have to comply to conventional decorating rules.

Accessorize the floor

Accessorize the floor

Leaving your floors bare can make the space look empty and deserted.

A rug can make your balcony appear roomier, choose the right print to create the illusion of bigger space.

You can even get an artificial grass rug, with several window box planters it can make your balcony a small urban garden.

Lightweight furniture

Lightweight furniture

A round glass table is perfect for a small balcony, it does not take much space and does not add bulk.

Pair this glass table with light weight cafe chairs and you have a winner!

Furniture that do not obstruct the view and easy to move around is perfect for a small balcony.

Elegant lighting

Elegant lighting

A balcony is not only for the day, add some elegant light fixtures and you have the perfect place for summer evenings.

Lighting can make any space look more spacious, or more cozy. So set your mood and choose the appropriate lighting accordingly.

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