You are planning to move into a new house, what should you do first? Unpack? Celebrate? Sleep the moving exhaustion off?

All in good time, you should and will of course do all of the above, but you should also organize and prioritize for a smooth move.

We have tried to comprise a to-do-list that may help you a little bit with the planning.

1-Change the locks.

Change the locks

This should be a no-brainer, right?

Who knows how many people have the key to that house. Even if you bought in a new construction and you are the first owner of that house, how many workers had that key?

It is much easier and simpler to just change the lock, you will sleep better knowing that only you and your family have access to your home.

2-Create an emergency contact list.

Create an emergency contact list

Ask around, ask the neighbors, ask your real estate agent or even the previous owners and create that list. A personal recommendation in your neighborhood can be really valuable.

This list should include plumbers, electricians, and any other numbers you may need in case of emergency.

3- Add a UV film on your windows.

Add a UV film on your windows

Sunlight can damage a lot of things over time, it can cause paint to fade in areas and it can ruin your precious art pieces.

Add a UV film on your windows. No one will notice it, but it will offer some protection for your precious belongings.

4-Check your power outlets and install all your technology.

Check your power outlets and install all your technology

It is a very good idea to install all your appliances and wires before unpacking your furniture.

This way you can get to everything much easier and can fix any problems that may arise without any obstacles.

5-Change the filters.

Change the filters

The average home has a lot of filters. Change them all when you move in.

This includes: Filters in kitchen and bathroom spigots, filters in heating and air-conditioning units and the vent filter above the stove.

If your home is in a new construction, be sure to vacuum out the vents as well. Otherwise, the dust that settled in the vents could be blown out into your home.

6-Secure the house.

Secure the house

Checking your electricity and your plumbing is always wise.

And also before you unpack try to make sure there are no insects or critters in the house.

It is much easier to take care of any of these problems without furniture in the way.

Changing the batteries in your smoke detectors is a very good idea as well.


And finally, if you just moved into a new home with your baby or toddler you have to childproof your home for them.

7-Be prepared for emergencies.

Be prepared for emergencies

You should be prepared for any emergency that may arise.

You will want to know how to turn off your main water valve if you have a plumbing emergency for example.

And also get to know your Circuit Breaker Box and where every wire starts and ends.

You must know which fuse controls which part of your new house. So if the fuses are not labeled try to identify and label each circuit breaker accordingly.

Most importantly, you need to find the right health care providers for you and your family.

Check where the nearest hospital is, and the best roads to take there in case of emergency.

8-Plan a housewarming party.

Plan a housewarming party

Scheduling a nice housewarming party gives you an incentive, and more importantly a deadline to get all the unpacking and the cleaning done.

Give yourself sufficient time though, maybe two weeks would be good, and plan to get everything ready by then.




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