If you are not sure about real estate investment, hold that thought and read the article before deciding to purchase another kind of investments.

Whether you are investing in a commercial, residential or row land, appreciate the property and it will appreciate you back. It will appreciate back in many ways like a rise in value, a hefty rental return every year, and many other.

So, what is this kind of investment that can boost my income to such extent?

Investing in real estate has become very popular over the last few years making it the main investment vehicle. The foremost reason is that it can create a continuing income lasting over a long period of time. Real estate is the oldest mean of investment and the oldest kind of ownership in history. Investing-Strategies-for-First-Time-Investors-891x576


Secondly, it can increase in value over time and prove to be a good investment in terms of the cash value of the home or land that you purchase.

Governments now in the GCC region give a lot of focus to real estate investment as a part of their endeavour to decrease dependency on oil and boost other sources of income. For example, the real estate business in Bahrain contributed with a percentage of 3.6 to the overall GDP in 2015, making the business a great channel to invest in if you wish to make profits with minimum effort.


If you are planning to invest in real estate market, you should think of the following if you are seeking a profit out of it:-

1- Consider buying a property that is in a very lively and active area full of numerous amenities such as malls, hospitals, schools…etc;  since this will increase the price of your property if you ever considered of selling or renting it.


On the contrary, if you purchased a property in a dead neighbourhood, it would likely lead to the falling in its value. What is meant by dead neighbourhood is a district that has no potential for growth in the future. All busy areas started in some certain point as a quiet area, but they had potential of growth, there were drawn schemes of developments. Dubai, for instance, was a barren land of nothing only 25 years ago, now, it’s the buzzing heart of the Middle East.

2- Vacant lands nowadays are great investments as cities are expanding beyond limits, hence, higher chances for the land to be purchased by a developer which will in return increase its value more.

3- If you own a house, consider renovating it in a way that will flip its price to the roof such as repairing the kitchen, remodelling the bedroom..etc. All of this along with the good location will increase its value. Don’t forget also fixing the most apparent damages like the chipping tiles or the broken door knobs.


And unlike any other kind of investment, it is hard to be defrauded as you are purchasing something that is tangible where you can inspect it yourself before thinking of buying or renting. That is why real estate is considered one of the three pillars for survival after food and shelter.

However, let me tell you this; if you are thinking of purchasing a property to obtain rental income, consider putting your hands first on the tenant before purchasing the property in order to avoid having a property with no one to live in it, especially when a part of the rental income will be used to cover the original price of the house.

This could be bit trickt, but online real estate portals made properties marketing very easy. Online sites and mobile applications made it very easy for house owners to find tenants. They only have to post a listing of their property including the house specs attached with some images.

Rental agreement

Bottom line is that real estate can be a good investment if you are seeking it in the right way, that is why it is preferable that you go to a lawyer or a brokerage company who knows the market real well and can provide you with all the assistance you need to purchase the right property that will make you gain twice the number you bargained for.


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