The real estate projects in Bahrain are experiencing a diversification to attract investors in the Gulf region. Bahrain got a 5.3% increase in visitors from 11.4 million visitors in 2017 to 12 million visitors in 2018, according to the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority.

The increase in the number of visitors has been reflected indirectly in the Kingdom’s real estate sector, which has achieved a great recovery thanks to the Kingdom’s competitive advantages and capabilities, including the fact that Bahrain is one of the lowest operating costs in the region, 30% less than other GCC markets.

If you are interested in learning about real estate companies in Bahrain we have done your research for you. We will try to cover the real estate projects in Bahrain and the companies too.

So, What are the newest real estate companies in Bahrain?!

  • Fine Homes Properties
    Fine Homes Properties

A real estate company that started its business in 2010, Fine Homes Properties offers a wide range of real estate services. they are specialized in renting, managing, and selling properties. They manage both residential as well as commercial properties in Bahrain.

  • 4you Properties
    4you Properties

A real estate company that was established and launched in 2012, the company offers a wide range of real estate services such as property management, lease, and sale of high-quality residential properties in Bahrain. Their experience and knowledge are derived from the extensive experience of real estate professionals, who have proven their efficiency.

  • Gulf Coral Real Estate
    Gulf Coral Real Estate

Gulf Coral Real Estate is a Bahrain-based real estate company. It was founded in 2012 to offer a variety of real estate services such as rental, purchase, and sale of apartments, villas, buildings, and land for individuals and businesses.

  • Al Yal Real Estate
    Al Yal Real Estate

Al Yal Real Estate Company was established in 2008 in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The company aims to create investment and residential opportunities in the local real estate market. Al Yal has developed its first project in 2012 which is Al-Yal Residence Tower.

  • Arkan Real Estate
    Arkan Real Estate

Arkan Real Estate was established in 2012 and is specialized in the marketing of luxury properties in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

  • Domains Real Estate
    Domains Real Estate

Domains Real Estate was established in November 2017. The company’s real estate team has a high spirit, not only at the individual level but also at the organizational level, enhancing success through cooperation and partnership.

  • Haven Real Estate
    Haven Real Estate - Real Estate projects in Bahrain

Haven Real Estate, a member of Al Mathani Group, was established in 2017 and is one of the leading real estate companies in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Haven Real Estate has achieved a good reputation in a short period of time by developing and establishing several residential and commercial real estate.

The real estate projects in Bahrain

The Economic Development Board and its partners have developed many real estate projects in Bahrain. The real estate investments made by the board in 2018 amounted to about 409 million dollars of the total investments which amounted to 830 million dollars.
Here are some of the most prominent investments:

  • Coast Resort Project
    Coast Resort Project - Real Estate projects in Bahrain

Set to be a unique tourist destination, the project spreads for 1.25 kilometers along the coast. The Coast Resort project has recently experienced a number of important developments including the completion of the first phase of the construction of the main building and villas.
The contractor has also been appointed the starting date of the second phase of construction, Electromechanical, finishes, interior work, and infrastructure.
The project is expected to have a positive impact on the tourism movement in the Kingdom, especially as it is part of the Kingdom’s comprehensive strategic plan for the development of the West Coast. It includes resorts and other tourist facilities in the region.

  • The Golden Gate Towers
    The Golden Gate Towers

In the center of Bahrain Bay, the Golden Gate Tower is the highest residential tower in Bahrain. What distinguishes this project is that it is a product of Bahraini-Indian cooperation in a framework of modernity and sophistication. This is the development experience of Ajmera Realty, Mayfair Housing, and Kooheji Golden Gate Group.

  • Diyar Al Muharraq
    Diyar Al Muharraq - Real Estate projects in Bahrain

Diyar Al Muharraq Islands are located in the northeast corner of the Kingdom of Bahrain, 10 kilometers from Manama. A bridge between the islands and the Bahraini capital can be crossed by public transport. Diyar Al Muharraq consists of 7 artificial islands developed on a total area of approximately 12 square kilometers and has a coastline filled with picturesque beaches of up to 40 km.

The project was launched by Diyar Al Muharraq in 2015 to accommodate and provide housing for more than 100,000 residents. The artificial islands have been designed and developed to be a futuristic integrated society that provides residents and visitors with distinctive residential units, services, facilities, and amenities of international quality, as well as many attractions.

While the EDB (Economic Development Board) has focused on increasing investment in diversified real estate projects in Bahrain as part of its real estate development strategy, the EDB, at the current stage and at the beginning of the new year, has begun to focus on attracting real estate technology companies that offer advanced services related to many areas including construction technology, building management Facilities and smart home technology and cooperation with them. This is in line with the board’s plan to ensure that the growth of the real estate sector in the Kingdom is consistent with the latest technological developments in this field, In the real estate boom regionally and globally.

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