Design trends are fickle, they never stay long. Nonetheless, sometimes they make a return long after they leave. Some retro decor trends from the 50s, 70s and 90s are the latest rage this year.

We are going to show you some of those design trends here, and also how to incorporate them with your modern style.

Retro decor trends that are back now:

Avocado pallet

Avocado pallet

This pallet was very common in retro decor during the 1970s, has been frowned upon after that, and now it is back!

Avocado with orange and brown, you can easily find this pallet in any old movie, TV show or photos during the 70s and never again after that.

Until now! Now the pallet is back but there are rules. First you need to tone it down with lots of cream and off-white hues.

Second, you need to throw in some wooden furniture into the mix.

And third, you must add a retro pattern, even if it was in some small accessories.

Wood panels

Wood panels

Covering the walls with wood panels was very trendy one day, and then people realized that it makes spaces look smaller.

Now it is back, it gives a certain retro rustic vibe that designers are falling for once again.

But the rules this time around say that you should use lighter wood for this, instead of dark brown opt for natural wood brown or light grayish beige.

Or, you can choose a deep brown but keep the paneling to one wall in the room, and paint the other walls a light neutral color.

And also choose light colored furniture with bright accessories to lighten up the place.

Murphy beds

Murphy beds

Murphy beds, also known as fold-down beds, wall beds, or pull-down beds, were developed in 1900s.

Over the years, Murphy bed units have evolved to include more options, such as lighting and storage cabinets.

For a while, adding one of those clever inventions was considered outdated.

Not anymore though, just choose a design that compliments the rest of your decor and add a Murphy bed to your rooms if you need one.

These clever contraptions can save space in a studio apartment, or in a kids’ small bedroom to leave more room for them to move around and play.

Colorful kitchen appliances

Colorful kitchen appliances

Back in the 40s and 50s most people opted for colorful kitchen appliances, and plain white appliances were rarely ever seen.

Then at some point people started going more for the industrial stainless steel look, or just plain white, or even a mix and match of both.

Luckily the cheery colorful appliances are back in the market, manufacturers have introduced a retro line of colorful fridges, ovens, and microwaves, so you can have the vintage-inspired look with modern functionality.

Floral wallpaper

Floral wallpaper

Most ‘90s designers used wallpaper liberally, each room got a different pattern. 2000s designers on the other hand, shied away completely from using it.

However, wallpaper is one of the retro decor trends that are making a comeback. They are using trendy patterns in small doses, but floral wallpaper is proving particularly popular with designers nowadays.

You can even just use it in an accent wall if you do not want it to get overwhelming.

Beige instead of gray

Beige instead of gray

Back in the 1990s using beige or white as neutral colors in the color pallet was the default.

Sometime in the early 2000s that changed, people got sick of sterile white and leaned toward using other neutrals, mostly gray hues.

But beige is back, and designers are loving it! It is a very elegant background color that works perfectly with most pallets.

If white is too plain for you and you find gray to be gloomy then beige may be the perfect neutral color for your pallet.

Antique furniture upholstered in modern fabrics

Antique furniture upholstered in modern fabrics

This trend started in the 90s, people would update their antique pieces by reupholstering them with modern trendy fabrics.

By the end of 90s and the beginning of the new millennium, designers decided that this trend is insulting to beautiful antiques and that they should always be upgraded using the same patterns and fabrics they were intended for.

The trend is back though! Using modern fabrics with new patterns to upholster antique furniture is once again a trendy and chic option.

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