For a teenager, a bedroom is not only a place to sleep, It is their safe haven; a place to escape the world and be themselves. Teen bedrooms should be cool and fun, and say a lot about who they are.

The dilemma is that teenagers are still learning about themselves, their likes may be extensively various. It might be tricky to pull all that together in one design.

They also need a room where they can spend most of their time comfortably, study, invite their friends over and maybe play some video games.

Here are some tips on how to design  teen bedrooms that will make your young adults happy.

Divide into multifunctional areas

Divide into multifunctional areas

Teen bedrooms must include a sleeping area, a studying area and a place to hang out and maybe invite some friends over.

If the room is small, try to think of some creative approaches to create a space for everything.

Some of these creative approaches include:

If you do not have enough space for a full size disk, consider one that can be opened and closed as needed. Or a design that incorporates the disk with the bed or with the wardrobe.

Or, if there is no space for a sitting area consider using a plush rug and some cushions as an alternate floor seating option.

Choose bold colors and designs

Choose bold colors and designs

While adults may prefer a calm and neutral colored room, most teens appreciate vibrantly colored, high energy rooms.

Choose their favorite bright color for a statement wall, or if you or your teenager do not want to get overboard you can opt for bright accessories and beddings.

And let them be as creative in design as they wish to be, if they want to choose a hanging chair or a square bed, let them have fun.

Creative and unique are keywords

Creative and unique are keywords

Adult bedroom designs should be peaceful and restful, but teen bedrooms should be fun and a signature of who they are.

For example, you can get a statement wall decal, or their favorite quote in a framed poster over the bed.

Or you can get them a huge chalkboard or a note board to accommodate their changing habits and personality traits as they grow up. They can change what to display about themselves on that.

Lots of storage space is essential

Lots of storage space is essential

Teenagers rarely ever have orderly rooms. Messy teen bedrooms are expected.

So instead of trying fruitlessly to tidy up, consider where the mess comes from.

That is why good storage options can be highly beneficial, you and your teen will appreciate having enough storage space.

Having a place for everything would help a teenager tidy up, and keep their room tidy.

Good storage systems, such as shelves,  wardrobes, drawers or even cool boxes and storage benches means there is no excuse for clutter.

Design a suitable room for your growing up princess

Design a suitable room for your growing up princess

Young girls tend to love pink or princess themed bedrooms, but as they grow up they tend to grow out of it and actually consider these things quiet childish.

Consider your growing up princess’s likes and dislikes and her growing needs, like more closet space or a room that she would be happy hanging with her friends in.

Your little prince is growing up to be a young man

Your little prince is growing up to be a young man

For a teenage boy his bedroom is his own personal fort. It is a place where he can get some privacy or hang out with friends.

It is also a place where he can start to express his own identity separate from the rest of the household.

If your young man prefers to express himself by painting graffiti all over their wall, or decorating with his favorite sports equipment, let him.

Banish childish decorations, and too adult or boring decorations as well

Banish childish decorations

To design a bedroom that will make your teenager happy, banish childish decor and do not impose your own style ideas on your teen bedroom; It is their personal space after all, and their idea of a cool design is different from yours.

If you are concerned about their changeable tastes you can try to convince them to keep the basic design and wall color neutral and use cool bedroom accessories to update the space and give it more personality.


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