If you are a real estate investor in Bahrain with less to no expertise in the market, then you are going to need a little guidance to put you in the right direction.

As a new real estate investor in Bahrain, you still have plenty to learn about the real estate market in the Kingdom and with the numerous wrong starts available thanks to technology, you could end up in the wrong direction wasting your time and energy.

When it comes to becoming a successful real estate investor in Bahrain, there are few but guaranteed ways to direct you towards the right investment. You will have to be aware of three important things to ensure a profitable investment that suits your needs and requirements.

1- Laws and regulations

Laws and regulations

First things first, if you are considering investing in properties in Bahrain, you need to be familiar with the country’s real estate laws.

If you are going to buy a property, then you will need to know everything that is you need to know about the registration law.

Whether you are buying an apartment, a building, a land, an industrial property or even a commercial property, registering the investment in Survey and Land Registration Bureau (SLRB) is an irreplaceable step if you want to legally own a property and invest in the real estate market.

You should also be aware about the tax laws, which are none in the Kingdom.

One of the many advantages that make Bahrain an appealing market to all investors is the fact that the country does not impose taxes on real estate.

And for those thinking about buying-to-let, then you need to be aware of the country’s new lease law.

To avoid getting into a never-ending feud with troubling tenants, the kingdom has issued strict laws to protect both tenants and landlords from getting scammed.

The lease law regulates everything from rent increase, eviction policies, sub-letting, due dates and even a rent dispute committee to resolve disputes in a timely manner and away from court grounds.

If you are investing for the first time in the Kingdom, you should hire a real estate lawyer who will help you get well-informed on the kingdom’s laws and regulations and put you on the right track.

2- The Location

The location

If you have the slightest interest in investing in the real estate market, then you should be looking for real estate projects that can guarantee you high profit margins.

Fortunately, there are certain areas in Bahrain that are extremely appealing to both investors and buyers alike as they provide 100% foreign ownership as well as high profits and they are the freehold areas.

Since these areas are of high demands, developers have been running to launch luxurious projects there.

From Al Sidra project in Diyar Al Muharraq that comprise of comprises of 465 villas to the integrated residential development in Seef District, Water City and the 43 storeys Fontana Infinity in Juffair, investors from all over the world are rushing to book as many units as they can.

3- Evaluate market performance

evaluate market performance

Before you take the plunge and dive into real estate investment, it’s always recommended to test the waters first. And by that we mean do your proper research about the market itself.

You can do this search by visiting upcoming real estate exhibitions such as Bahrain International Property Exhibition (Bipex) taking place in Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Centre from 27-28 of October.

There is also the Gulf Property Show taking place in Bahrain Exhibition Centre  from 9-11 of May with major real estate developers showcasing their top developments such as Bin Faqeeh Real estate, Gulf Finance House Real Estate, Al Bilad Real Estate

Real Estate exhibition are a great opportunity for investors to take a look at a wide array of projects under one roof in addition to being a providing a face-to-face  interaction with the region’s leading developers who are the best to provide you with clear and up-to-date insights on the market performance.

That being said, make sure to ask all the questions you need to have a full picture about the market performance and the projects that would fit your needs and requirements.