6 Reasons Why Wealthy Investors Choose To Invest In Real Estate In Bahrain

There is a saying that says rich people are rich because they don’t invest like the rest. Well, that surely goes for wealthy investors investing in Real Estate in Bahrain.

Real Estate in Bahrain showed extreme resilience over the past couple of years unlike what many expected, which made the market appealing to numerous investors aspiring to increase their wealth through investing in real estate.

Smart investors choose where to put their money and for that they are the ones paving the road for all investors to follow in their footsteps.

And when we talk about investing right, it’s only safe to say that real estate investors investing in Bahrain are the ones not only preserving their wealth but also they are the ones growing it through real estate investment.

Investing in properties in the Kingdom of Bahrain – even when the market is running slow – is still the safest and best option. But why does investing in Real Estate in Bahrain make you richer than others?!

Well, we give you here 6 reasons why wealthy investors choose to invest in Real Estate in Bahrain.

1- Tax-Free Environment

Offering 100% foreign ownership to investors with no restrictions whatsoever on the movement of capital, the kingdom of Bahrain tax-free environment is why wealthy investors are interested in the market.

Easing ownership and residency restrictions in the Kingdom of Bahrain is what made the country much more appealing to investors when it comes to real estate investment.

2- Stable Market

Even though the kingdom was faced with a huge decline in oil prices, but the real estate market showed real resilience unlike its neighbors in the region.

To top it all, the real estate market outperformed itself where rentals remained stable all during 2016 despite the circumstances.

All of which encouraged wealthy and smart investors to invest in Bahrain real estate market, as there where they will make more money than they invest.

3- High Rental Yields

The Bahraini government has issued strict laws to protect tenants from landlords greed.

And since the Kingdom of Bahrain offers an affordable cost of living when compared to its neighbors, it became such an appealing location for expats to work and live in.

Accordingly, occupation rates increased which in return increased rental yields that amounted to 12% especially in areas as Juffair and Seef District, encouraging wealthy investors to invest and double their wealth.

4- High demand

Wealthy investors are always searching for what real estate experts call “capital appreciation“, which is why when they invest they go for areas of high demand such as the freehold areas.

From Amwaj Islands, Abraj Al Lulu, Juffair, Durrat Al Bahrain and many more areas, major real estate developers from inside and outside the kingdom are always interested in launching mega projects there.

5- Numerous Under Construction Projects

With many high-end under construction projects on the way and most of them have been sold on scheme, wealthy real estate investors are the ones going after such projects since they offer higher profit margins by time.

Whether its Al Tijara Tower, Sidra, Waterfront Harbour Row or Water Garden City, under construction sector is where wealthy investors generate big returns.

6- Safe Investment

Smart wealthy investors know that even when the market in running slow, the Real Estate in Bahrain proved to be one safe market to invest in.

Which is why, putting their money in real estate is much more safe and guaranteed than for instance stock market.

At the very least, the market will soon pick up after the storm passes.