The Kingdom of Bahrain is a small Arab country located in the Gulf region and its capital is Manama. Bahrain is bordered by Qatar to the southeast, Saudi Arabia to the west, and Iran to the north. Bahrain is located in one of the most oil-producing areas in the world. Its economy has relied on processing crude oil from neighboring countries for a long time. Bahrain’s finance, commerce, communication, and tourism sectors have witnessed a significant growth recently. The climate in Bahrain is hot in the summer, as the temperatures usually exceed 35 C or higher, while winter is cooler, more enjoyable, and has lower average temperatures. Bahrain has five governorates including several cities, and among its famous cities is Hamad Town, which we will talk about, in detail, in this article.

Hamad Town

Hamad Town or Madinat Hamad is a primarily commuter city within northern The Kingdom of Bahrain. The name “Hamad Town” refers to the current king of Bahrain, Hamad ibn Isa Al Khalifah. Hamad Town was a municipality of Bahrain in the central part of the country. Split from the municipality of Riffa and the southern area of Bahrain (Al Mintaqah Al Janubiyah) in 1991, its territory is now in the Northern Governorate. The city is culturally diverse, housing a proportionally mixed Shia-Sunni population of varying socio-economic backgrounds. Today, Hamad Town is an epitome of Bahraini multiculturalism, with no single ethnic or religious group making up the majority of inhabitants.

Hamad Town is one of the largest modern cities in Bahrain, with a population approaching 90,000 people. Hamad Town is famous for its 22 roundabouts. Residential addresses are based on the number of the nearest roundabout. Hamad Town is 18 km from the capital Manama and 19 km from the airport. It is close to the Sakhir area, which contains the huge Formula One motor racing circuit (Bahrain International Circuit), which is the biggest circuit in the Middle East.

The people of in this city tend to go to the capital Manama to work. Most of Hamad Town is a residential area but there is a large shopping center called Sooq Waqif which contains many shops and provides some employment in Hamad Town itself.

Hamad Town Markets

Souq Waqif

This old marketplace has been known by the name Souq Waqif (literally ‘the standing market’ in Arabic) due to the fact that the merchants used to stand on the two sides of the roads showcase their goods and sell them to the passers-by. In the old ages, goods that were sold at Souq Waqif included spices, fish, clothes, and woods. Situated near roundabout 1 in Hamad Town in the Southwestern corner of the Kingdom’s capital Al Manama, Souq Waqif is one of the oldest major markets in the city. It is considered one of the most important historical places and tourist attractions. This could be attributed to many reasons; for instance, in Souq Waqif, you can find a variant collection of antiquities, old garments, and souvenirs.

Bahrain Flea Market

Bahrain’s only weekend flea market will soon be moved to Hamad Town. The traditional open-air market in Isa Town, which is a popular hunt for bargains, will be relocated to Hamad Town as part of a decision to combat Covid-19. The Southern Municipality shut down the Isa Town Traditional Market since March 2020 until further notice as part of a wide range of measures undertaken during the pandemic. This market is popular for people to sell and buy second-hand items. Thousands visit the ‘trash and treasure’ market every weekend tucked away across from the Isa Town Traditional Market, which houses 570 shops that sell antiques, furniture, electronics, and household items. Overall there are about 1,200 registered shops in the market’s complex, with traditional cafés offering Bahraini cuisine. The market revamp is going ahead with thermal insulation and air-conditioning, as well as new toilets, facilities for special needs, pregnant women, and the elderly.

Schools in Hamad Town

The Bahraini government has paid great attention to the education sector in Hamad Town. It has provided a sufficient number of schools for the people of the city, which include primary, preparatory, and high schools. Additionally, The University of Bahrain has its main campus near Hamad Town (in Sukheer).

Why settle in Hamad town?

Executives and frequent travelers will be most comfortable in Hamad Town as they will be positioned within close proximity to Bahrain International airport. It is great for executives and professionals to return to a quality prestigious home where they can find an elegant place to rest at the end of a long journey or just at the end of the day.

Additionally, Bahrain International Investment Park is within a short distance from all the houses here, only minutes away. This means that those looking to live close to the business center will have the best options within reach.

Families are also into the bargain, as living in Hamad Town provides many of life necessities, other than work. There are plenty of schools situated in the area and nearby, which takes the pressure off of families when thinking about their children’s education. From nurseries to secondary schools, it is all within easy reach.

Moreover, leisure options are more than plenty nearby Hamad Town. Besides the many malls, restaurants, and cafes, there are fitness centers and gardens to enjoy; plus, the International Circuit is just about 20 minutes away or more. Overall, when you decide to rent or buy Properties in Hamad Town you get a great variety of homes at a superb location.