Many tourists consider Bahrain to be the Hawaii of the Middle East, as it provides a quiet life full of beautiful landscapes by day, but at sunset, another completely different life emanates pulsatingly filled with bars, clubs, hotels and wonderful parties. Bahrain offers a mix of nightlife cultures to suit everyone, so tourists come to it and feel comfortable because there are different things to do in Bahrain.

Zallaq Town

Zallaq town is a beautiful, vibrant village located on the western coast of Bahrain Island. Zallaq was previously home to the Al Dawasir, Al Zibi, Al Qahtam and Al Siddiqi tribes in Bahrain, along with the Budaiya and Hawar islands. And it is famous for the beach of Algeria, known as Zallaq Beach. Many tourist attractions are located near it, including places that overlook the sea and wildlife such as Al Areen Park. The city of Zallaq offers a different and integrated life.

What attracts people in Zallaq town

Did you visit a city and feel joy? Have you decided to visit it again without getting bored of it? Visitors to Zallaq assured that it is an enjoyable city that cannot be bored from.

Zallaq is a very small area. It may not be as popular as the rest of Bahrain, but do not let that fool you. It is an attractive and charming area. You will find many things to do in Zallaq, it is a small tourist destination, but it is worth visiting.

If you are planning to visit Bahrain and do not include visiting the city of Zallaq in your plan, this article may make you change your mind as it includes the most exotic places that are worth visiting in Zallaq and make sure that you will not regret it and that it will be a different and beautiful trip.

Al Areen Wildlife Reservation, Zallaq

Al Areen Reserve, one of the places that you cannot miss to visit, Al Areen was able to preserve wildlife and plants and take care of them well. Al-Areen includes about 45 different kinds of animals, including those of the rare species. It also includes more than 82 types of beautiful birds, and it has more than 10,000 trees planted throughout the park.

The park is divided into two parts, the first section is dedicated to the people to spend fun time, learn about wildlife and enjoy time with the family and the friends, as it provides great views to take the best memorial photos. As for the second section, it is a nature reserve that was established specifically for researchers, veterinarians and animal breeders, to preserve and care for them and provide them with a safe life.

You will not regret your visit to Al Areen Park and spend fun time with wild animals, rare birds and unmatched plants. We recommend that you include Al Areen Reserve in your travel plan. 

Algeria Beach (Al Zallaq Beach)

Zallaq Beach or Algeria Beach is one of the most famous in Bahrain and the most widespread, and it also comes first compared to the rest of Bahrain’s beaches, because it is one of the best places that provide games, water sports and various activities, and if you are one of the quiet people who do not prefer movement a lot, it provides stunning views especially At sunrise and perpendicular to the blue sea to give an enchanting view, Zallaq Beach has soft yellow sand that makes you feel that you are walking on gold.

By the unanimous consent of visitors, Zallaq Beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world for its clean, soft and calm waters that allow for safe water sports, diving and snorkelling, and it is also characterized by clear and clean water because officials care well about its cleanliness so as not to disgust visitors.

Lost Paradise of Dilmun Waterpark

The largest water park in Bahrain is the lost paradise of Dilmun, with an area of ​​77,000 square meters, each side reflects the history of Dilmun and this is evident in the unique stone carvings.

All Zallaq Spring 

Zallaq Springs is an open meeting point, and it aims to offer fun and family activities. It consists of 16 stores, 9 restaurant/cafe units on the waterfront and one block is a car park with around 168 parking spaces.

Best hotels in Zallaq 


1- Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea And Spa Hotel

Sofitel Bahrain Hotel, one of the most famous 5-star hotels in Bahrain, is very popular for its good location, as it is located on the Zallaq beach with pure waters overlooking the Arabian Gulf from the west coast, the hotel includes a stunning large spa and combines French art, sophistication and Bahraini heritage.

2- Al Areen Palace & Spa by Accor

Visitors come to Al Areen Resort to enjoy its picturesque view of the largest water park in Bahrain, which is the lost paradise of Dilmun as it overlooks the Bahrain International Formula One Circuit. The resort includes 78 luxurious villas with abundant services, in addition to the wonderful outdoor swimming pool that visitors come for.

Why to stay in Zallaq 

If you read this article, you will find the answer to this question. Zallaq is a coastal city to which many tourists come despite its small size, but it has many places that are worth visiting, and it is known that the majority of Bahraini residents or expatriates when looking for apartments for accommodation are looking for a place Vital and growing in demand.

Zallaq is a small, integrated city, with most of the basic services in addition to various entertainment facilities, apartments are available from the first studios to villas, there are one-bedroom apartments and there are two rooms and luxurious three-bedroom apartments are provided, in addition to the facilities provided by the buildings.

If you are thinking of moving, Al Zallaq is very suitable, and if you are thinking of investing, Investing in Zallaq is guaranteed because tourists come from everywhere, especially Saudi Arabia, and as we mentioned before, the demand for it is increasing in rent and sale. What also distinguishes Zallaq is that it is close to some well-known cities in Bahrain, such as Al-Hamla, Al-Rifa and the Hamad Town.

Frequently Asking Questions

Where are the best places to stay in Zallaq?

Here are the travellers’ top 2 places to stay in Zallaq:

  • Al Areen Palace And Spa By Accor
  • Zallaq beachfront hotel with spa, outdoor pool

What are the closest stations to Zallaq Springs?

  • Jaza’Air Beach Avenue-2/Zallaq is 473 meters away, 8 min walk.
  • Jaza’Air Beach Avenue-1/Zallaq is 519 meters away, 8 min walk.

Which Bus lines stop near Zallaq Springs?

This Bus line stop near Zallaq Springs: 16.

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