Bahrain has a wonderful civilization and heritage approximately nine thousand years old. As a site of the ancient Dilmun civilization, it has been known since ancient times for pearl traps, temples, forts, and a treasure trove of Arab and Islamic artifacts. However, there is much more in Bahrain than in a long history. The country also provides many exciting activities and attractions for the whole family. So take the time to explore some places and discover the best activities in Bahrain.

Desert camping in Sakhir

Desert camping in Sakhir - Activities in Bahrain

Camping in the desert is one of the best and most popular activities in Bahrain. You can check many places for camping in the desert in Bahrain, but Sakhir is the most popular.

It is located in the south of Bahrain. People go to camps there in winter, where the weather is cool and suitable for outdoor activities all day.

Sakhir has many tents for adventurers, and in order to benefit from them, you must reserve them. The tent has a large sofa, tables, and tea sets, and you can also order a TV.

Many programs are found for visitors, such as yoga as well as some exciting games.



Scuba diving in Bahrain allows you to see and explore the amazing underwater ecosystem. Since the Kingdom of Bahrain has a long history of marine life, there are many diving places that make you enjoy the best diving.

Bahrain homes are surgeonfish, angelfish, stingray, and sea snakes. Also, it hosts sea turtles. Moreover, corals and sponges are an ideal retreat for colored shrimp and lobster.

Horse Riding

Horse Riding - Activities in Bahrain

The Arabian Pureblood Horse is a gorgeous, elegant, and unparalleled horse. Enjoy one of the most amazing and best activities in Bahrain such amazing horse riding tours. Experience the beauty of the desert and the stunning sunset on the Karbabad beach and Bahrain Fort.

You can start your unforgettable journey from the horse riding center, passing through some exotic villages and Bahrain Castle. Continue on your beach trip for a great trip, then return to the center.

Water parks

During the winter months, all you want to do is spend the whole day outside, and there’s no better outdoor activity than heading to a water park.

Here are some of the best water parks that you could enjoy the best outdoor activities in Bahrain in them.



Wahooo! The water park is located in Bahrain City Center Mall. This 1,400 sq.m. attractions contain over ten slides, which is a large wave pool, which is divided between houses (where the temperature is kept to 30 ° C) and outdoors. The best part is that after you’re done, you can head straight to the mall on a shopping spree.

Enjoy hours of fun at the first indoor and outdoor water park in the Middle East. This water park extends over 15000 sqm and includes exciting tours, slides, and attractions for children of all ages. The water park is 30% indoors and 70% outdoors, and all of its swimming pools are temperature controlled as well. This is why it is a great place to visit all year round.

Lost Paradise of Dilmun

Lost Paradise of Dilmun - Activities in Bahrain

On the other hand, the lost paradise of Dilmun Waterfall is located in Zallaq, near the Sakhir track of Formula 1. The huge water park of 77,000 square meters is based on the history of the Dilmun civilization, and there are more than 18 slides to play.

Four Seasons Bahrain Bay

Four Seasons Bahrain Bay

Four Seasons Bahrain Bay is a water park designed to capture the look and feel of a traditional Bahraini sailboat. It features over 30 interactive operating features, including a 1200-liter flip-flop bucket.

Bahrain Yacht Club

Bahrain Yacht Club - Activities in Bahrain

The Bahrain Yacht and Marina Club has been in Sitra since 1977 and welcomes anyone with a passion for sailing and water sports.

The club is built around a lake with a beach and has a pool and lounge area as well. Membership is open to all, with family and individual membership available upon request.

The club also offers training programs and facilities for every type of player, from amateurs to professionals.

Pearl diving

Pearl hunting is one of the most famous activities in Bahrain, as it is known as an activity to recover pearls from wild mollusks, usually shellfish or mussels, in the sea or freshwater.

In most cases, pearl-bearing mollusks live in deep water that cannot be accessed manually from the surface, as a result, it needs to dive or use some form of tool to access them.

Visitors in the Kingdom of Bahrain are invited to the deep waters of the Gulf to dive and search for natural pearls, as the history of the pearling industry is restored to this day.

By choosing a group of four diving sites, each containing an abundance of shellfish, divers can collect up to 60 shellfish from the seafloor in the bay. And if they are fortunate enough, they can preserve the island’s finest treasures forever.

Bahrain’s Best Pearl diving sites

The Bahraini pearl heritage worldwide focuses on 3 local oysters and more than 10 locations in Muharraq.

Ras Rayyah

Ras Rayyah

The northern end of Muharraq is the starting point for all diving activities in Bahrain. Visitors with a licensed license can dive for two hours, and collect up to 60 oysters in one session.

This license allows visitors to access diving sites such as Sayyah, Al-Amana, Shataya, and Balata, located off the coast of Muharraq, north of Bahrain Island.

The pass allows government control of the ocean, ensuring that diving trips and the number of shells collected are monitored for sustainability.


Sayah - Activities in Bahrain

For beginner divers, the Sayah site, closest to the beach, is the most convenient, and visitors without a full PADI license are welcome to dive into the shallow waters.

Bu Amama, Shtayaah, and Bulthama

They are deep water sites located about 35 miles off the coast of Muharraq Island. Here, visitors must obtain a full PADI license and be fully equipped with diving equipment.

Whatever the preferences, whether beginners or advanced, there is a unique experience available to everyone through official diving companies Delma Marine and Scuba Life.

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